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College Football Picks- Championship Weekend

The Regular season might not had ended the way I would have liked, I can still turn this thing around.

There is only ONE weekend of College Football left before Selection Sunday. At THIS time on Sunday, we will already know what four teams got IN to the Playoff and the teams that were SNUBBED. You can find my full outlook on the playoff picture and what each team needs to do in order to get into the Playoff, right¬†here. I am picking all SIX of the Championship games that can affect on how the College Football Playoff turns out. I was NOT GOOD with my picks last week and fell back UNDER .500 on the season. I am looking to bounce back this week before going into Bowl season. I will divide the Bowl games into two categories for the blog and have one blog around the THIRD weekend of December and the other one closer to the New Years’ Six Bowls. As always the recap of picks from last week is down below.

Rivalry Weekend Recap-

Game 1- My Pick- Texas A&M outright, Actual- LSU outright

Game 2- My Pick- West Virginia outright, Actual- Oklahoma outright

Lock of the Week- My Pick- Michigan State outright, Actual- Michigan State outright

Upset of the Week- My Pick- Washington State, Actual- Washington outright

College Game Day Spotlight game- My Pick- Alabama outright, Actual- Auburn outright

Record for Rivalry Week- 1-4, Overall Record after the Regular season- 34-36

The games for this week are USC vs Stanford, Memphis at UCF, Oklahoma vs TCU, Georgia vs Auburn, Wisconsin vs Ohio State, Clemson vs Miami.

Pac-12 Championship game- Friday Night,  USC vs Stanford (Santa Clara, CA) (Line- USC -4.5)

This game does not really matter in terms of the Playoff RIGHT NOW, but that can change based on how things play out tomorrow in the other championship games. The committee has shown in the past three years that they DO NOT like to put in TWO loss teams into the Playoff, and both teams playing tonight have ATLEAST two losses on the season. IF USC wins this game and some crazy things happen in the other games, they can possibly get IN to the Playoff. In this game I like USC AND the points mainly because this is the biggest stage of the season for Sam Darnold, who should use this stage to elevate his draft rankings.

Big 12 Championship game- Saturday Afternoon, Oklahoma vs TCU (Arlington, TX) (Line- Oklahoma -7.5)

These two teams played earlier this year, and Oklahama DESTROYED TCU. This time around only one of the teams really has anything to play for, while the other team is there to act as SPOILERS. If Oklahoma wins this game, then they are a LOCK for the Playoff, but the CHAOS happen if they lose. It is Oklahoma or BUST for the Big 12, who as a conference will be rooting for the Sooners. I like Oklahoma in this game because you cannot bet against Baker Mayfield right now.

AAC Championship game- Saturday Afternoon, Memphis at UCF (Line- UCF -7.5)

I DO NOT know anything about either one of these teams, so I not going to give a BS explanation for my pick. UCF is undefeated on the season and can get IN to the Playoff if crazy things happen, so I am going to take them AND the points in this game.

SEC Championship game – Saturday Late Afternoon, Georgia vs Auburn (Atlanta) (Line- Auburn -2.5)

This is another revenge game as these two teams have ALREADY played this season and Auburn won that game in a BLOODBATH. The path to the Playoff is a little bit easier for Georgia if they win tomorrow, but I would be SHOCKED if Auburn does not get in if they WIN tomorrow. This game is a virtual National QUARTERFINAL and I am going to take Georgia to cause the UPSET and win this game.

Big 10 Title game- Saturday Night, Wisconsin vs Ohio State (Indianapolis) (Line- Ohio State -5.5)

This line makes no sense to me Wisconsin is UNDEFEATED on the season, while Ohio State has TWO losses. I think the bookmakers want the public to bet on Wisconsin and THAT is exactly what I am going to do. Wisconsin will get IN if they win, while Ohio State will need some HELP even if they win. I am going to rely on the Wisconsin running game to SLOW down the game and help the Badgers to possibly WIN this game and go INTO the Playoffs.

ACC Championship game- Saturday Night, Clemson vs Miami (Charlotte) (Line- Clemson -9.5)

This game was supposed to be a Virtual National QUARTERFINAL but it might not be after Miami lost last week. In my personal opinion, I still do think that the winner of this game will get IN, but the committee might not. Clemson is going to be a LOCK if they win and I cannot see away in which they leave Miami if they WIN. The line is way too BIG for my comfort, so I am going to take Miami in this game to keep it CLOSE and the winner of this game will by ONE touchdown or less.

My picks for Championship weekend are USC, Oklahoma, UCF, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Miami. I will probably do two sets of picks during Bowl season, so check back around the third weekend of December.


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