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State of the Knicks- Not Great

Basketball is not fun when you are not WINNING a lot.

The week started out GREAT for the Knicks but it could not have ended WORSE for them. They won a big game last Wednesday but have not won a game since and are on a 3-game losing streak. The schedule is A LOT softer this week, so they should be able to get some WINS to get back on pace towards the PLAYOFFS.

The Knicks were not the odds on favorite against the Raptors, BUT they have somehow found a way to win that game and had one of their BIGGEST wins of the season. The momentum was HIGH for Knicks fan going into Thanksgiving break, but the Knicks must have had some WRONG in their turkey, because they have looked LOST since Turkey day.

The Knicks are a HUNDRED times better than the Hawks, but they have somehow managed to blow a big lead and lost to one of the worst teams in the NBA. The loss happened on Black Friday, so it DID NOT gain much national attention and it seemed like that loss had BROKEN the Knicks momentum.

The Knicks could not compete against the Rockets on Saturday night, as the Rockets EASILY won that game. Houston is one of the BEST teams in the NBA, so I did not expect the Knicks to win on the ROAD, but I would have like to have seen more EFFORT.

The fourth game of the week came on Monday night against the Trail Blazers at HOME, and the Knicks lost in double digits in that game also. The Knicks have gone COLD on offense it seems like and their defense is not able to STOP opposing teams from getting to 100 points and thus requiring the offense to DO MORE.

The defense HAS been an issue with the team all season long, but now that the offense is STRUGGLING, the defense needs to pick up the slack. If they are able to LIMIT teams from scoring 100 points, then Kristaps Porzingis and Tim Hardaway Jr. do not need to have BIG offensive games in order for the Knicks to win. The defense has to be fixed IMMEDIATELY or this season will down the drain. The Knicks have been a SURPRISE thus far this season and it would be a SHAME if they miss the playoffs once again because of POOR defense.

The coaching staff NEEDS to work with the team on BOTH offense and defense. It seems like EVERY TIME Porzingis has a rough night, the Knicks lose. They need to find OTHER options on offense who can TAKE OVER the game and score some points while Porzingis is struggling. The coaching staff needs to get the players’ minds OFF the losing streak and START focusing on the rest of the season.

The Knicks have THREE games this week and they are all against teams that they CAN beat. They play the Miami Heat tonight at home, the Heat have the SAME record as the Knicks and it should be a CLOSE game tonight at the Garden. The Knicks then host the Magic on Sunday afternoon and they CAN definetly win that game. The Magic have ALREADY beaten the Knicks once this season, but they have a WORSE record than the Knicks, and since they are at HOME, the Knicks SHOULD win this game. They end out the week with a road in Indianapolis against the Pacers. The Pacers are CURRENTLY the sixth best team in the conference, but are in the same boat as the Knicks. The Knicks WILL have the best player on the court that night, and maybe Porzingis will NEED to have another unicorn like game for them to win.

The Knicks are currently OUT of the playoffs at 10-10, a STRONG week this week will put them back IN and give them some momentum for the rest of the season.


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