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Jets lose another game that they had a fourth quarter lead in

Why do I still watch football and root for the Jets?

The Jets have made it a tradition to go into the fourth quarter with the lead against a possible Playoff team, but once again they blew the lead and are spiraling out into purgatory. The AFC is really bad and 8-8 will most likely get a team to the Playoffs, the Jets now fall to 4-7 and I would be SHOCKED if they get to SIX wins on the season. They take on the Chiefs next week, who are also puking away their playoff chances, so maybe the Jets can get a win against them.

The Panthers are one of the best teams in the NFC, and are battling the Saints for the division, so they need to win every game they can. The Panthers were coming off a bye, just like the Jets, so both teams started off really slow in this game. The teams traded field goals in the first quarter and the first touchdown of the game did not come until the fifth minute of the second quarter. The teams traded more field goals in the quarter to go into halftime with the Panthers leading 12-10.

The Jets opened the scoring in the second half when Josh McCown hit Robby Anderson for a 54-yard touchdown. That was the fifth straight game with a touchdown reception for Anderson, has been a highlight of this season and looks like a keeper for the Jets as they are building a playoff caliber team in the future. The Panthers came back and scored a touchdown of their own, but missed the extra point to end the third quarter with a 18-17 lead for the Panthers.

The Jets scored quickly in the fourth quarter to take a two point lead, but everything went downhill from there. The following two OFFENSIVE possessions for the Jets resulted in TWO TOUCHDOWNS for the PANTHERS. The first touchdown came from a fumble recovery following a sack of McCown and the next was a punt returned for a touchdown. The Panthers took a 32-20 lead and the game was basically over.

The Jets made a late push to keep the game close but they ended up losing the game, 35-27. The Jets have now lost five of their last six games, so they are DEFINELTY NOT going in the right direction as they season winds down. 

The offense started out REALLY SLOW in this game, but that was expected as this was their SECOND game in the last TWENTY SIX days, so they were very rusty. The offense got going in the second half, but had really bad couple of minutes in the middle of the fourth quarter and that basically ended their chances of winning this game. The offense is not the biggest hole of this team, but it is A hole that needs to be fixed. 

The defense started out GOOD in the game, but Ellis usual ran out of gas late in the game and gave up a SHIT TON of points. The defensive coaching staff needs to substitute more to keep the key players on defense fresh for the fourth quarter. The defense not being gassed late in the game, will DEFINITELY increase their chances to win. The Jets have no motivation to win this year, but majority of the key players on defense will be coming back next year so this maybe an issue next season as well.

The Jets have one of the TOUGHEST remaining schedule, so the Playoffs are a LONG SHOT, and so is getting a high draft pick. They should use the rest of the season to evaluate the talent on the roster, to see who belongs on the Jets future plans and who does not. One can only hope that they lose all of their remaining games to get a Top 10 draft pick, but knowing the Jets they will definitely go 7-9 and remain trash for the NEXT DECADE. 


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