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NFL Week 12 Picks- Turkey Day!!!

Get rich with your family by following my picks

It is now Thanksgiving and the NFL games are getting serious now. Last week I went 4-1 and am now NINETEEN games over .500 so if you are not following my picks then you are part of the problem. You can find my full recap of last week right here, but I have the recap of my picks down below. There are three games on Thanksgiving so I will have SEVEN picks this week instead of the usual six pack.

Week 11 Recap-

Game 1- My Pick- Steelers outright, Actual- Steelers outright

Game 2- My Pick- Saints outright, Actual- Saints won but did not cover

Game 3- My Pick- Pats outright, Actual- Pats outright

Game 4- My Pick- Eagles outright, Actual- Eagles outright

Game 5- My Pick- Falcons outright, Actual- Falcons outright

Record for Week 11- 4-1, Overall record after Eleven Weeks- 43-24

The games will be this week are the Vikings at the Lions, the Chargers at the Cowboys, the Giants at the Redskins, the Panthers at the Jets, the Saints at the Rams, the Packers at the Steelers, the Texans at the Ravens

Game 1- Thursday Afternoon, the Vikings at the Lions (Line- Vikings -2.5)

This is the first game of the week and the whole country’s eyeballs will be on this game in Detroit. The Lions have won the last few Turkey day games but it will be really hard for them to continue the winning streak this year. The Vikings are one of the best teams in the NFL and they can basically clinch the division by winning this game. The Lions desperately need to win this game, because I do not think they will be able to sneak into the NFC Wild Card race. I am going to pick the Vikings and the points in this game, because they are just the better team right now and they are going to run away with this division.

Game 2- Thursday Late Afternoon, the Chargers at the Cowboys (Line- Pick em)

The Chargers on Thanksgiving just does not feel right, but either way they will be on Dallas tomorrow. They still have an outside chance to win the AFC West with how bad the Chiefs have been playing as of late, the Chargers NEED to win this game if they want to make the Playoffs. The Cowboys basically lost their division last week by getting blown out by the Eagles at home, but they still think they can get a Wild Card. I think they will need to win their remaining games to contend for the Wild Card, so this game is a MUST WIN for both teams, but only one team can win. I think the Cowboys will win this game, simply because they are at home and are used to playing on Thanksgiving.

Game 3- Thursday Night, the Giants at the Redskins (Line- Redskins -7.5)

This game is going to be terrible. The Giants are the SECOND WORST team in the NFL and are mailing in the rest of the season, last thing they want to do is play a competitive game in the cold weather against their divisional rivals, the Redskins. The Giants will not show up to this game and this game will basically be over midway through the first quarter. For the Redskins, they are still in Playoff contention but need to run the table and need some help from other teams to make the Playoffs. Even though the Redskins are banged up and do not have many healthy players, I think they will do enough to win this game and cover the spread easily.

Game 4- Sunday Afternoon, the Panthers at the Jets (Line- Panthers -3.5)

The Jets are coming off the bye week, STILL mathematically alive for the Playoffs. The AFC is really bad so if the Jets run the table, they will easily win one of the Wild Card berths, but I do not think that is going to happen. The Panthers are one of the best teams in the NFC and are chasing the Saints for the division. The Panthers are light years better than the Jets, so I expect them to win this game by at least a touchdown if not more.

Game 5- Sunday Late Afternoon, the Saints at the Rams (Line- Rams -2.5)

This is a game between two of the best teams in the NFC, if not the entire NFL. The Saints are riding high on a Eight game winning streak, but this is their toughest test of the season and if they win this game, then they are basically guaranteed a first round bye. The Rams lost a tough game to the Vikings on the road last week and will look to bounce back this week at home. I expect this game to be high scoring as these are the two best offenses in the NFL, but I think the Saints will do just enough to win this game and further their historic winning streak.

Game 6- Sunday Night, the Packers at the Steelers (Line- Steelers -14.5)

I am not going  to waste anyone’s time by actually analyzing this game. The Packers are one of the worst teams in the NFL without Aaron Rodgers and could not come close to scoring a point at home last week, while the Steelers blew out an average Titans team. I think the Steelers will run away with game and there is a chance that they win this game by THIRTY points.

Game 7- Monday Night, the Texans at the Ravens (Line- Ravens -7.5)

This game is not going to be fun to watch, as both teams have great defenses. I think the Texans will be able to keep this game close because the Ravens have had hard times scoring points in the past. The Ravens defense secured its third shutout of the season last week and very well could have another one this week against the Texans. I am going to put my faith in the arm of Tom Savage and hope that he can keep the game close and only allow the Ravens to win by a touchdown. I will take the Texans in this game to keep it close and the winner will win the game by less than a touchdown.

My picks for this week are the Vikings, the Cowboys, the Redskins, the Panthers, the Saints, the Steelers, and the Texans. Check back next week to see how I do.



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