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NFL Week 11 Review

This is the last week until Football season actually starts

Eleven weeks have now passed in the NFL season, so we have seen the separation of the Men from the boys. There were not major games over the weekend, but the good teams won games that they should have won to survive and advance to go into Thanksgiving. The NFL season does not start until Thanksgiving according to Bill Parcells so teams are getting ready to feast on some home cooking before the stretch run for the Playoffs. I will be doing a playoff picture outlook as my review starting next week, so this week is the last time I have my ten observations until next season.

Number 10- The Seahawks are fully trash

A couple of weeks ago, I hinted that the Seahawks are coming close to being trash, but in the last two weeks, they have gotten even trashier. The Seahawks once had a great home field advantage, but they have lost two of their last three games and both came at home. Their only win was a close game against the lowly Cardinals, so the panic button has been pushed in Seattle. The Rams are really good, so they might just runaway with the division if the Seahawks do not figure themselves out.

Number 9- Hot Take- Dak Prescott is not a good quarterback

Another team that is trash in the NFC is the team in Dallas. The Cowboys are desperately missing Ezekiel Elliot and have basically lost their division after getting blown out at home by the Eagles. Dak Prescott has really struggled in the absence of Zeke and injuries with the offensive line, so it makes you wonder if the whole reason Dak was so good last year was because he had great talent around him on offense.

Number 8- Chiefs are trash

The Chiefs were riding high after beating the Pats and the Eagles in the first few weeks of the season and their fans believed that this was their year. Falling back to earth would be an understatement, not only did the Chiefs lose to one of the worst teams in the NFL, they have opened up their division race. The Chargers and the Raiders are suddenly back in the Playoff picture because of the poor performance of the Chiefs. I still think they will win their division, but they need to right their ship sooner rather than later.

Number 7- Jaguars are for real

It was an odd week and that can only mean one thing,  Jaggin Off SZN is fully back. The Jaguars barely beat the Browns but have now taken an one game lead in the AFC South and have the third best record in the AFC. With how bad the AFC is, the Jags are fully in contention to make it to the championship game and get blown out by the Pats.

Number 6- Is Case Keenum the best quarterback in the NFL?

The Vikings and the Rams played in a match up of the two best teams in the NFC and the Vikings won convincingly. They were able to shut down the high powering offense of the Rams and scored at will against the Rams defense. Case Keenum, who barely won the starting job and could lose it any second, has been playing great in the past few weeks and if he can help the Vikings clinch the division by beating the Lions on Thanksgiving day.

Number 5- The Redskins are the best team that is not good

The Redskins had a really last few minutes of the game on Sunday. They were up FIFTEEN points with about THREE MINUTES LEFT in the game against one of the best teams in the NFL on the road, but could not get it done. The Saints scored easily scored the fifteen points in regulation and then won the game in overtime. The Redskins had a chance to get a big win but instead not only did they lose the game, the injuries on their roster continue to pile up. They have a short week as they play the Giants on Thanksgiving day and it should be an easy win for them at home. Maybe the win against the Giants can propel them to make a run in the loaded NFC Wild Card race.

Number 4- Saints are going to be a problem in the NFC

The Saints proved by winning on Sunday that they are not this good just because of the arm of Drew Brees. The defense and the running game was really good especially as they were trying to come back late in the game. The Saints currently have the second best record in the NFC and we will see if they can keep that up, if they can than they have a great chance of going to the Super Bowl. The Saints should aim to get home field advantage so they do not have to a play the NFC championship game in the cold weather of Philadelphia.

Number 3- Steelers are going to be a problem in the AFC

The Steelers are the clear cut second best team in the AFC, which is really bad outside of the Pats and the Steelers. I think they should rest some of their players and get them healthy for the playoffs because I would be SHOCKED if the AFC Championship game is not between the Steelers and the Pats.

Number 2- The road to the Super Bowl in the AFC goes through Foxborough

Speaking of the Pats, they went down to Mexico City and put a whooping on the Raiders. The Pats have basically clinched the AFC East and are well on their way to clinching home field advantage. The goal for the rest of the season for the Pats should be to make sure that Rob Gronkowski does not get hurt and is healthy for the duration of their Playoff run.

Number 1- The road to the Super Bowl in the NFC goes through Philly

The Eagles have basically clinched the NFC East after throbbing the Cowboys on the road on Sunday night. They are the best team in the NFL and all they have to make sure is that they do not have a letdown game the rest of the season and get ready for the Playoffs. The way with which they are playing right now, the Eagles are the team to beat in the NFC.

Those were my last ten observations of the NFL season, check back here next week to see the full playoff picture in the NFL.

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