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NFL Week 10 Recap

The NFL is really boring to watch when good teams win and bad teams lose

This week in the NFL was not wild at all, in fact it was a major snooze fest. The teams that we thought were good won and trash teams lost. This week did not clear up the Playoff picture in either conference as the teams that were in contention last week are still in contention going into Week 11. I will start having a much more in depth look at the Playoff Picture following Thanksgiving weekend, but the majority of my observations from this week are focused on teams that are contending to get a playoff spot.

Number 10- Remember when I said the Seahawks are trash?

Last week, I threw the possibility out there that the Seahawks might be on the trashy side of the NFL, well this week I am declaring them trash. Granted they are 3 games over .500 and will definitely make the playoffs and might win the division, they are still trash. They could not put away the Cardinals and after the game many players were complaining about playing on Thursday Night Football as an excuse for their poor performance. The injuries are piling up for the Seahawks, as Richard Sherman will be out of the season with a leg injury, so the time is running out for the Seahawks. (Just watch, they are going to win their division and get to the NFC Championship game, while I have egg on my face)

Number 9- The Browns needs to stop being the Browns

The Browns actually had a lead this week on the road, but then they realized that they are the Cleveland Browns and not a winning team. They ran a QB sneak from the 2-yard line as the clock was running in the second quarter, instead of kicking a field goal or a quick pass to cut into the seven point lead for the Lions at the time. Instead the QB sneak did not work and they came up with no points, they lost the game by fourteen points, so if they had scored it would have helped out the betters if they only lost by seven points.

Number 8- The Bucs won Trash Bowl 2017

I still cannot believe that I watched the Bucs-Jets game. The game was terrible and neither team gave any effort to try and win a game to possibly save the jobs of the two coaching staffs. The Bucs won the game thanks to Josh McCown giving up on the Jets offense and the defense running out of gas. This game was one of the worst games in NFL history and it proved my claim that both the Bucs and the Jets are trash. The Jets play the Panthers and the Chiefs following their bye week, they will probably lose each game by like 40 points.

Number 7- The Cowboys are trash

The Ezekiel Elliot suspension saga rolls on as he started serving his suspension this week. He can still get his suspension reduced, but he will have to miss a couple of weeks. In that couple of weeks, the Cowboys will be trash and it looked like for the first time in his young career that Dak Prescott needs the offensive line and the running game to succeed. The Falcons defense sacked Prescott all game and did not let him find a rhythm. The Cowboys play the Eagles this weekend and that game is almost a must win for them to save their season.

Number 6- I love seeing the meltdown of the Giants

The Giants are probably my most hated team in the NFL. It is a close tie between them and the Pats, but I think the Giants are slightly ahead right now. The Giants have basically given up on the season and are deader than dead. They lost to a winless 49ers team that celebrated the win like they had just won the Super Bowl. The Giants are going to fire everyone at the end of the season, so they are going to continue to be miserable for the rest of the season, so I will be happy following every Jets loss, knowing that the Giants also lost.

Number 5- AFC South is somehow one of the best divisions in football

People expected the Titans to be good this year and contain for a Wild Card, but they are the fourth best team in the AFC right now. They are playing great football and are winning games that good teams should win to make the Playoffs, the Titans are in a tight race with the Jags, so they need to keep winning. The Jags are a surprise team thus far and everyone is waiting for them to return to being the old Jaguars, but it has not happened yet. They are undefeated on odd weeks this season and plus they play the Browns this weekend, so I am going to pencil the Jags at 7-3.

The Jags and the Titans are the two surprise teams in the AFC, while in the NFC it is the next two teams.

Number 4- The Saints offense is otherworldly

We all knew that the Saints would have a good offense with Drew Brees as the signal caller, but they are even better. The running game with Alvin Kamara, cannot stop scoring touchdowns, while Brees continues to prove that he is one the best quarterbacks in NFL history. The Saints do not have a terrible defense which will them in the Playoff push since they can score on any defense in the NFL.

Number 3- Why was Sean McVay not hired earlier?

The Rams are another surprise team in the NFC, they are led by a young quarterback and young head coach. Jared Goff is playing great right now and the running game is complementing the passing game really well. Their defense is really good, but we all expected that based on how much talent is on that roster. The Rams are currently the second best team in the NFC and it makes you wonder why Sean McVay had to wait till he was 30 years old to be hired as the youngest head coach in NFL history.

Number 2- Who is good in the AFC?

IF the season ended today, the three best teams in the AFC would be the Steelers, the Pats, and the Chiefs. I will have more on the Pats down below, but are we sure the Steelers and the Chiefs are actually good? The Steelers had a hard time beating the lowly Colts this weekend and have struggled at times in the season, while the Chiefs had a great start to season but have not looked great recently. The Steelers are running away with their division, so they should focus on getting healthy in time for the Playoffs and make a possible run at the Super Bowl. The Chiefs were on bye this week so maybe they figured out what helped them win their first five games while also correcting the things which led to them losing two of their last three games.

Number 1- I am going to cry watching the Pats go to another Super Bowl

The Pats are not as good as they have been in the past, but I would be SHOCKED if they did not go to the Super Bowl again this season. The Pats are the best team in the AFC and are getting closer to their dominant self every week. Nobody in the AFC can stop the Pats from going to the Super Bowl, so hopefully the NFC champion can stop them from winning the Super Bowl while also stopping my crying during Super Bowl Sunday. It makes me sick how good they are every year.

Those were my observations from this week, there are only SEVEN more weeks left in the season so cherish the football left before it is gone.


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