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College Football Week 11 Picks

Last week’s success was just a precursor to more success this week

Welcome back to the College Football picks, in which I had my best week to date. I went 4-2 in my picks last week and am now just one game under .500 on the season. There is a lot great games this weekend, so I am almost positive that I will get off the stride this week. Full recap of last week in College Football can be foundĀ here, but I have the recap of my picks down below.

Week 10 Recap-

Game 1- My Pick- Elon, Actual- Elon

Game 2- My Pick- Texas A&M, Actual- Mississippi State

Game 3- My Pick- Oklahoma outright, Actual- Oklahoma outright

Lock of the Week- My Pick- Clemson outright, Actual- Clemson outright

Upset of the Week- My Pick- Syracuse outright, Actual- Florida State won but did not cover

National Spotlight game- My Pick- Alabama outright, Actual- Alabama won but did not cover

Record for Week 10- 4-2, Overall Record after Ten weeks- 26-27

The games I will be picking this week are Towson at William & Mary, New Mexico at Texas A&M, TCU at Oklahoma, Washington at Stanford, Michigan State at Ohio State, Notre Dame at Miami

Game 1- Saturday Afternoon, Towson at William & Mary

This game is between the two worst teams in the CAA. Towson had a surprise game against Elon last week and nearly caused the upset on the road against one of the best teams in the FCS. William & Mary used to be one of the best teams in the CAA, but have had a real letdown year. I will take Towson in this game because I do not think the Tigers have given up on the season just yet and would love to finish strong.

Game 2- Saturday Night, New Mexico at Texas A&M (Line- Texas A&M -18.5)

The Aggies get a nice buffer late in the season and also positive news for coach Kevin Sumlin. There were rumors floating around last week, that Coach Sumlin had been fired, but they were never confirmed. It would be huge for the confidence of the Aggies going forward and the job security of Coach Sumlin, if they roll in this game. I will take Texas A&M in this game because I think they will win this game for their coach before he is fired at the end of the season.

Game 3- Saturday Night, TCU at Oklahoma (Line- Oklahoma -6.5)

This is one of the contenders for game of the week, as both teams still believe they can get to the Playoffs. The winner of this game has not punched their ticket to the Playoffs just yet, but the loser has for sure clinched a ticket to their couch during the Playoffs. The way the Big 12 is structured, these two teams will probably play each other in three weeks in the inaugural Big 12 championship game, so the teams are basically playing this game to survive and advance. TCU has had a rough go recently after starting out the season great, while Oklahoma had a big win in the Bedlam game last week. I will take Oklahoma and the points in this game, because I am going to ride the train driven by Baker Mayfield until it lets me down again in like two weeks.

Lock of the Week- Friday Late Night, Washington at Stanford (Line- Washington -5.5)

In the preseason, I thought this game would be a defacto Round of 16 game, as the winner of this game would be just one more quality win away from the Playoffs, but the season did not play out that way. Stanford has no chance of making the Playoffs and Washington chances are declining by the minute. The Huskies have to win the remainder of their games in blow out fashion to have a resume impressive enough to be considered for the Playoffs. If Washington loses this game, then no team from the Pac 12 will make the Playoffs, but if they win, then there is like a 3% chance that Washington gets in. I think that Washington will come out firing in this game and they will roll in this game as they try to strengthen their resume.

Upset of the Week- Saturday Afternoon, Michigan State at Ohio State (Line- Ohio State -15.5)

This line makes no sense to me whatsoever. Michigan State has a lot more quality wins and you can make a case that they are better than Ohio State, despite the Buckeyes being ranked higher. The winner of this game will win the Big Ten East and have a chance to play Wisconsin in the Big Ten Title game. Though neither of these teams will make the Playoffs, they would still like to get to a New Year’s Six bowl. Ohio State has looked really bad the last two weeks, they had a miraculous comeback to beat Penn State before being shut down by Iowa. I do not think that the Buckeyes are any good and the line of over two touchdowns in illogical. Not only do I love Michigan State against the spread in this game, I think they will win the game outright and go to the Big Ten Title game.

College Gameday game- Saturday Night, Notre Dame at Miami (Line- Notre Dame -2.5)

College Football fans have been looking forward to this game all week, as it is the newest edition of the greatest rivalries in College Football, the Catholics vs Convicts. I was not born in the 1980s, in fact did not start watching College Football till like 2009, so this rivalry does not move the needle for me. The U has been terrible for the last ten years and outside of that National Championship game blowout, Notre Dame has been pretty disappointing also. Both these teams think if they win this game, than the Playoffs are possible, so this game is important for both teams. I am going to take Miami in this game because they are at home and it is the biggest game for the program in over ten years. College Football is just better to watch when the U is back and Notre Dame is playing significant games in November.

My picks for this week are Towson, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Washington, Michigan State, Miami. Check back next week to see how I do.


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