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NFL Week 10 Picks

Last week was a minor setback for a major comeback this week

Welcome back to the NFL picks that are not presented by anybody. Last week was a rough one, as I had my first bad week in a while. I am still fourteen games over .500 and looking to grow that lead this week. Last week, we only had five games due to the Jets playing on Thursday Night, this week we are back to our traditional six pack.

You can find my full recap of Week 9 right here, but I have my picks recap down below

Week 9 Recap-

Game 1- My Pick- Bills outright, Actual- Jets outright

Game 2- My pick- Falcons, Actual- Panthers

Game 3- My Pick- Chiefs, Actual- Cowboys

Game 4- My Pick- Raiders outright, Actual- Raiders outright

Game 5- My Pick- Lions outright, Actual- Lions outright

Record for Week 9-2-3, Overall record after 9 weeks- 35-21

The games that I will be picking this week are the Seahawks at the Cardinals, the Jets at the Bucs, the Texans at the Rams, the Cowboys at the Falcons, the Pats at the Broncos, and the Dolphins at the Panthers

Game 1- Thursday Night, the Seattle Seahawks at the Arizona Cardinals (Line- Seahawks -6.5)

This game is going to be a lot closer than I would have predicted it to be if the teams played last week. The Seahawks could not beat the Redskins at home last week in a game that is almost a must win for teams hoping to make the Playoffs. The Seahawks are still ravished with injuries and playing on a short week does not help them. The Cardinals are having a disappointing season and would love to cause the upset tonight to further shake up the NFC Playoff picture. If the Cardinals want to save the Coaching Staff’s jobs, then they almost have to win every single game the rest of the way. This game will be close, but I think the Seahawks will win this game by a touchdown, they need a blowout win to gain some momentum with their team.

Game 2- Sunday Afternoon, the New York Jets at the Tampa Bay Bucs (Line- Jets -2.5)

This games is not going to be close after the Bucs have basically given up on this season. Their starting quarterback, Jamies Winston and star receiver, Mike Evans will be missing the game. The Bucs have no motivation to show up for this game other than to possibly save some jobs. The Jets have still a slim hope of being a playoff contender in the wide open AFC Wild Card race, this game is a must win for the Jets to get back to .500 going into their bye week. I LOVE the Jets and the points in this game, but the Bucs are the trashiest team in the NFL right now.

Game 3- Sunday Late Afternoon, the Houston Texans at the Los Angeles Rams (Line- Rams -11.5)

This game could have been a match up between two playoff teams but the wheels are completely falling off the Texans’. The Texans are going to miss their starting quarterback, DeShaun Watson and this game will not be close. The Rams have a one game lead in the NFC West and need to win this game to maintain the lead and continue their march to the playoffs. I think that the blowout win last week for the Rams over the Giants has helped them gain even more momentum going into this game and they roll in this game.

Game 4- Sunday Late Afternoon, the Dallas Cowboys at the Atlanta Falcons (Line- Falcons -2.5)

Both these teams hoped to make the Playoffs this season, but they have had a difficult start to their seasons. Both teams desperately need this week to get in stride for a possible Wild Card berth. We still do not know if Ezekiel Elliot is going to play in this game, as his court ruling is scheduled for later today (I could have done this blog after the ruling, but I am a lazy person). I do not think the Elliot suspension has any impact in this game, because I think the Falcons will use the home cooking to roll in this game. I will take the Falcons and the points in this game.

Game 5- Sunday Night, the New England Patriots at the Denver Broncos (Line- Pats -7.5)

This game has no juice other than the fact that is it the rematch of the game when the Pats did not account for the “air” in Denver a couple of years ago. This game is the meeting between the last two Super Bowl champions, so I guess it should be on Sunday Night, but the Broncos have regressed since their Super Bowl win. The Broncos are going down the spiral and are just waiting for the season to end. The Pats got in stride right before their bye week and would love to win this game easily to build some momentum following their bye week.

Game 6- Monday Night, the Miami Dolphins at the Carolina Panthers (Line- Panthers -10.5)

I am definitely not going to watch this game, it is going to be a dud. The Dolphins are super trash while the Panthers are halfway decent. I am not going to waste my time analyzing this game, because it is a waste of everyone’s time. I would be shocked if the Panthers do not win this game by at least 20 points.

My picks for this week are the Seahawks, the Jets, the Rams, the Falcons, the Pats, and the Panthers. Check back next week to see how I do


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