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Week 9 NFL Picks

If you love money then you should really listen to what I am saying

Welcome back to the NFL picks which were supposed to be presented by somebody but are presented by nobody. Last week was another great week in the NFL as I went 5-2 and am now fifteen games over .500 on the season, so the money is flowing everywhere. You can find my full recap of last week right here, but as always I have the recap of my picks down below. The Jets are playing in the Thursday Night game in a couple of hours so there will only be five games being this week instead of the usual six pack.

Week 8 Recap-

Game 1- My Pick- Ravens outright, Actual- Ravens outright

Game 2- My Pick- Browns outright, Actual- Browns outright

Game 3- My Pick- Jets outright, Actual- Falcons outright

Game 4- My Pick- Pats outright, Actual- Pats outright

Game 5- My Pick- Cowboys outright, Actual- Cowboys outright

Game 6- My Pick- Steelers outright, Actual- Steelers outright

Game 7- My Pick- Chiefs outright, Actual- Chiefs outright

Record for Week 8- 5-2, Overall record after 8 weeks- 33-18

The games for this week are the Bills at the Jets, the Falcons at the Panthers, the Chiefs at the Cowboys, the Raiders at the Dolphins, and the Lions at the Packers

Game 1- Thursday Night, the Buffalo Bills at the New York Jets (Line- Bills -2.5)

This game that is going to start in a couple of hours is not going to be fun to watch for me. The Bills have looked like a really good team thus far this season and are well on their way to end the longest active playoff drought in the NFL. The Jets had a decent start to the season, but the wheels have fallen off and they are spiraling down the sewers of East Rutherford, NJ. This is one of the easiest bets of the weeks as I do think the Jets will end up playing two quarterbacks in this game. The only hope for the Jet fans in this game is that the Bills blow the Jets out, so the team can transition from Josh McCown to the other young quarterbacks. I LOVE the Bills and the points in this game tonight.

Game 2- Sunday Afternoon, the Atlanta Falcons at the Carolina Panthers (Line- Pick em)

It seems like every week there is a game between divisional rivals in which both teams need the win to save their season. Last week it was the Cowboys vs the Redskins and the Broncos vs the Chiefs, this week it is this match up. Atlanta is fully going through the Super Bowl hangover, something that the Panthers went through last year. Though both teams are not having great seasons, it is still the match up of the last two Super Bowl runner ups which makes this game intriguing. I am going to with the Falcons in this game because watching them first hand last week, they have the more complete team of the two teams, but neither team is good enough to be dreaming about the Playoffs.

Game 3- Sunday Late Afternoon, the Kansas City Chiefs at the Dallas Cowboys (Line- Pick em)

This game lost almost all of its juice on Monday night when the Ezekiel Elliot suspension was reinstated for what seems like the 12th time. This game was going to be the match up of the two best young running backs in the NFL, but now I expect this game to be a blow out. I am surprised that the Chiefs are not favored in this game, because I think Dak Prescott does not have the capability to win with just his arm and the other running backs on the Cowboys are not as good as Zeke. I LOVE the Chiefs to roll in this game between two teams that were originally founded in Dallas.

Game 4- Sunday Night, the Oakland Raiders at the Miami Dolphins (Line- Raiders -2.5)

The executives at NBC are kicking themselves for this matchup. Neither team is any good and despite the fact that some of us (wink wink) picked the Raiders to be really good this season, they have struggled mightily. These two teams made the Playoffs last season, but I would be shocked if either team makes it back there this season. The Raiders have the better team and still think that if they get hot, they can sneak into the the Playoffs. I am going to take the Raiders and the points in this game, because I think they still have something to play for, while the Dolphins are just waiting for the season to end.

Game 5- Monday Night, the Detroit Lions at the Green Bay Packers (Line- Lions -2.5)

This game is the only true rivalry game on National Television this week but it has no real juice either after the injury to Aaron Rodgers. Both teams still think that they can win this division and would need to win this game to have any chance of making the playoffs. Brett Hundley, who replaced Rodgers has really struggled and does not look like the quarterback that can take a team ravished with injuries to the Playoffs. I like the Lions and the points in this game because at some Matt Stafford has to take that next step and prove to the world that he deserves to be one of highest paid players in NFL history, and he can do that by blowing out a divisional rival on the road on National TV.

My picks for this week are the Bills, the Falcons, the Chiefs, the Raiders, at the Lions. Check back next week to see if I continue this great run.


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