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NFL Week 8 Recap

Was it a wild weekend in the NFL again?

This week was definitely a wild weekend across the NFL, with the major story line being the shitty weather across the Northeast and the games being ugly. Below are my ten observations of Week 8, as a lot of the teams have reached the midway point of their voyage through the 2017 NFL season.

Number 10- Are the 49ers about to win a game?

The 49ers made a big splash last night and acquired Jimmy Garoppolo from the Pats for a second round draft pick. Though the 49ers are still in the middle of a big rebuilding process, acquiring a big piece like Jimmy G can expedite their process to being good again. Garoppolo is probably not going to play this week, but next week the 49ers are already my mortal lock to win their Week 10 game.

Number 9- Are the Ravens back?

The Ravens blew out the Dolphins last Thursday, the quiet the fans in Miami, who thought they had a good time. The Ravens are still well outside the AFC Wild Card race, but a couple of wins in a row can get them back into the race. The concussion of Joe Flacco is obviously going to hurt the Ravens, but I think they will be able to bounce back and get some key wins in the middle of the season.

Number 8- The Saints are actually good

I said the Saints are sneaky good, but they keep on winning and now I think they are actually good. They are playing in a really bad division and are the favorites to win the division right now and make some noise in the Playoffs with a home playoff game in the Superdome.

Number 7- The Bills are also actually good

The Bills are the fourth best team in the AFC right now and they proved that by blowing out the Raiders on Sunday. The Bills play the lowly Jets this week with a chance to go to 6-2 on the season and they get a mini bye to get ready for the playoff push. It is going to be great watching the Bills Mafia in the playoffs, I just hope that they somehow are able to get a home game in the Playoffs, I am already losing sleep over that tailgate.

Number 6- The Cowboys are #done

The Cowboys have actually won their last two games to sneak back into the NFC East. Unfortunately for them, the Eagles have forgot how to lose a game and things are going to get really tricky for the Cowboys. They play the Chiefs at home this week, which is going to be a really tough game for them and oh yeah by the way, Ezekiel Elliot’s suspension was reinstated again and he is going to miss the next six games.

Number 5- The Broncos are also #done

The Broncos had a chance to save their season last night but went down quietly into the night in Kansas City. The Broncos defense is not being able to win game singlehandedly and their offense is really bad. The Broncos are a team that if they had a decent quarterback, they would be a Super Bowl contender, but instead are one of the more average teams in the NFL. Maybe they will be trailblazers and bring my boy Johnny Manziel or you know Colin Kaepernick.

Number 4- The Jets might have messed up by not drafting DeShaun Watson

DeShaun Watson is the real deal, though the Texans lost this week, Watson was very impressive. Scoring thirty points in Seattle is nearly impossible for any quarterback in the NFL, let alone a guy playing his eight game of his career. Watson put up big numbers on that Seattle defense and if the Texans defense was not banged up, they would have escaped Seattle with a win. This is all happening while the Jets have three trash quarterbacks on their roster.

Number 3- The Steelers-Chiefs divisional playoff game is definitely going to be fun to watch…..NOTTTT

The Steelers and the Chiefs are among the three best teams in the AFC and they will be playing each other in the Playoffs. When these two teams played last season, the Steelers won on the road without scoring a touchdown. This year the game is going to be very similar to last year and it will be defensive battle while the offense focuses on the rush. Exactly the type of game people love to watch….definitely nottt, nobody likes to watch Ground and Pound type of games.

Number 2- It is going to suck watching the Pats in the Super Bowl again

The Pats have regained their mojo and winning games that they should win. The Pats look like the best team in the AFC right now and they should be able to get back to Super Bowl by having to only face only one of the bunch of the Steelers and Chiefs. I hate sports, cannot wait till the Jets are going to Super Bowl, never mind that is never going to happen.

Number 1- The road to Minnesota is going to go through the dirty streets of Philadelphia

The Eagles do not know how to lose games and will be get even better next week with the addition of Jay Ajayi of the Dolphins. The Eagles are perfectly set up for a regular season, but then choking in the Playoffs, because that is what the Eagles do.


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