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College Football Week 9 Recap

Love to see the big picture being completely messed up

Sometimes I forget to do things and I totally forgot to do the recap blog. It is not like anyone reads the blogs so it is not a big deal, but I am a man of integrity and honor, so I am still going to do my recap blog.

This weekend was one of the best in the College Football season, there were a lot of great games, but the best game happened in Columbus between Ohio State and Penn State. Below are my ten observations from this past weekend in College Football.

Number 10- Florida is officially trash

  • Florida got blown out by rival Georgia and ended up firing their head coach, Jim McElwain after the game. The Gators have a losing record on the season and might be in for a rebuild even though they won the SEC East the past two seasons under McElwain. For Georgia this pretty much ends their regular season and they can start preparing for their game against Alabama in the SEC Championship game.

Number 9- Should Florida State fire everyone?

  • In state rival of the Gators, the Seminoles have been trash for a couple of weeks now. This week they got blown out by Boston College, who is quietly having a decent season. Florida State has been ravaged with injuries, but it might be time for some changes in the coaching staff, even though they won the National Championship four years ago. Shout out to the Crab Legs that Jameis Winston stole.

Number 8- Apple Cup is not going to be as fun as initially advertised

  • Washington State vs Washington looked like it was going to be a virtual Round of 16 game in the Pac-12 race for the Playoff, but that game is just going to be a mere formality now. Washington State has lost its stride in the last few weeks, while Washington is going to need to win the rest of their games to be even considered for the Playoffs.

Number 7- Central Florida should be considered for the College Football Playoff

  • UCF is the best non Power Five team right now and with the possibility of a two loss Conference champion in both the Big Ten and the Pac-12, UCF should be in the mix for the Playoffs if they keep blowing their weak opponents out by forty points as they did this week.

Number 6- It will be interesting to see what happens with the first committee rankings

  • The first committee rankings come out later tonight and I am going to pay close attention to them. I might blog the rankings if there is something really odd with them, but I want to see some things out of the committee. First thing is where do they rank Wisconsin, the Badgers are the best team record wise in the Big Ten, but will they be ranked ahead of Ohio State which has a better signature win. Another thing that I will be watching is where they do put the non Power Five teams of Notre Dame and UCF. If either team is ranked ahead of a team that is currently leading their conference, then there is a realistic chance that we will see two Power Five conferences being left out of the Playoffs

Number 5- Is Notre Dame really going to make the Playoff?

  • Notre Dame is really good and they have shown that their early season loss to Georgia was a fluke. Notre Dame has two games left against teams that have a chance to win their conferences in Miami and Stanford. If Notre Dame wins both of those games, then I think they have the resume to be in the conversation of the Playoffs.

Number 4- Oklahoma is creeping back slowly but surely

  • Oklahoma is found its stride and are taking care of teams on their schedule. They have three big games coming up before the Big 12 Championship game and if they win all those games, they will go to the Playoffs and will not be left out.

Number 3- Ames, Iowa is where teams go to get their hopes crushed

  • Another week and another team ranked in the Top Five lost to Iowa State. This week the victim was TCU, the Horned Frogs were outmatched by Iowa State and the game was not as close as the final score. Iowa State has two signature wins on the season and maybe that will be enough for them to make a New Years Six bowl as an at-large bid.

Number 2- Penn State should fire everyone

  • Penn State had the biggest loss on the season, they were up double digits in the fourth quarter and could have punched their ticket to the Playoffs with a win in Columbus, but they had an epic meltdown in the last few minutes of the game. Penn State has minimal chance of making the Playoffs, all they can hope for is Michigan beating Ohio State, and then Ohio State winning the Big Ten as a two loss team and the committee chooses one loss Penn State over a two loss conference champion, just like they did last year.

Number 1- Ohio State win actually hurts the Big Ten

  • Ohio State had a big comeback win this weekend, but it hurts the whole conference. If Penn State and Wisconsin had gone into the Big Ten championship game, then the argument of both teams getting in over a two loss Pac 12 champ or a one loss Big 12 champ could have been made, but now it is going to be really hard for the committee to justify putting in Ohio State instead of Oklahoma or the Pac 12 champion.


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