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NFL Week 8 Picks

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Welcome to NFL Picks that is presented to you by nobody, but might be presented by somebody soon. Last week I went 5-1 in my picks and am now over ten games over .500 overall this season. You can find my full recap of last week here, but I have recapped the picks in this blog.

Week 8 Recap-

Game 1- My Pick- Raiders outright, Actual- Raiders outright

Game 2- My Pick- Jets outright, Actual- Dolphins won but did not cover

Game 3- My Pick- 49ers outright, Actual- Cowboys outright

Game 4- My Pick- Steelers outright, Actual- Steelers outright

Game 5- My Pick- Pats outright, Actual- Pats outright

Game 6- My Pick- Eagles outright, Actual- Eagles outright

Record for Week 8- 5-1, Overall record after Week 8- 28-16

The games that I will be picking this week are the Dolphins at the Ravens, the Vikings vs the Browns, the Chargers at the Pats, the Falcons at the Jets, the Cowboys at the Redskins, the Steelers at the Lions, the Broncos at the Chiefs

Game 1- Thursday Night, the Miami Dolphins at the Baltimore Ravens (Line- Ravens -3.5)

This game is going to a terrible football game, the NFL is lucky that there is no other big sporting event on tonight, otherwise no one would watch this game, even the fans of these two teams. The Dolphins have been a surprise team, who are somehow in the middle of the AFC playoff push but they are lining up Matt Moore as the starting quarterback tonight, which is never a good thing. I will take the Ravens and the points in this game because they have had a disappointing season thus far and need to get a win to start righting the ship.

Game 2- Sunday Morning, the Minnesota Vikings vs the Cleveland Browns, game in London (Line- Vikings -9.5)

London games are always funky, so I am a little surprised by the line in this game. If this game was played at 1 PM in Cleveland, then I would love the Vikings in this game, but that London element scares me a little. Anything can happen in a London game, and I cannot believe I am doing this but I will take the Browns to keep this game close. I already know that this pick is going to blow up in my face on Sunday morning.

Game 3- Sunday Afternoon, the Los Angeles Chargers at the New England Patriots (Line- Pats -7.5)

This game is going to be interesting to watch. It looks like the Pats have figured things out and starting to get on a roll towards another Super Bowl run, while the Chargers have not been playing bad football the last few weeks. The Chargers are still not a playoff contender, but a win in Foxborough will certainly get them in the middle of the race. I will take the Pats and the points in this game, because the Pats are becoming scary good again.

Game 4- Sunday Afternoon, the Atlanta Falcons at the New York Jets (Line- Falcons -3.5)

This game is between two teams that love to blow huge leads in the fourth quarter. The Falcons have had a disappointing run to follow up their Super Bowl loss and need to get in stride before it is too late. The Jets are in Tank mode again and would love to lose this game. I do not understand how the Falcons are more than a field goal favorite in this game, I am going to pounce on the Jets in this game, because there is no way the Falcons can win a game by more than a field goal right now.

Game 5- Sunday Late Afternoon, the Dallas Cowboys at the Washington Redskins (Line- Cowboys -1.5)

This is an important matchup for both teams. The Cowboys had a blow out win against the 49ers last week and need that momentum to carry into this week, while the Redskins are coming off a Monday night loss against the best team in football on the road against the Eagles. Both of these teams still believe that they can still get to the postseason, which makes this a must win game for both teams. I will take the Cowboys and the points in this game, because I think they have finally found their stride from last season.

Game 6- Sunday Night, the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Detroit Lions (Line- Steelers -2.5)

The Steelers are another team that has regained its mojo and they would love to continue that against the Lions. There will be a lot of Terrible Towels in the stadium on Sunday night and the Lions will have to overcome that. The Lions have been decent this season, but their division is wide open, so they can use this game to as a building block to winning their division. In the end I think the high power offense of the Steelers will overcome the Lions and win b by more than a field goal.

Game 7- Monday Night, the Denver Broncos at the Kansas City Chiefs (Line- Chiefs -7.5)

This game is the most important game for both teams and almost a must win. Both teams have lost their last two games and are desperate for a win. The Broncos have struggled against bottom of the barrel teams, but their defense is going to get going at some point this season. The Chiefs lost a crazy game last week, but need a win this week to provide even more space to the Raiders to get back into the mix. I think the Broncos are in deep trouble and they will have a hard time dealing with the crowd noise in Kansas City. I love the Chiefs and the points in this game.

My picks for this week are the Ravens, the Browns, the Pats, the Jets, the Cowboys, the Steelers, and the Chiefs.


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