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NFL Week 7 Recap

Why do people still watch football? Find the answer in this article

Oct 22, 2017; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) throws a pass against the Atlanta Falcons in the second half at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

You want me to say it, but I am not going to say what you want me to say. It was not a wild weekend in the NFL as everything happened exactly how we expected it to happen. Below are my ten observations from this week.

Number 10- Chargers and Raiders are back?

Both teams had big divisional wins this week and are still under .500 on the season, but are headed in the right        direction. The Chargers were not expected to do anything this season, but they can get some wins to establish a fan base in LA instead of the stadium being filled with the fans of the visiting team.

The Raiders were my pick to be the best regular season team in the AFC and they have not lived up to it yet. Their quarterback Derek Carr is getting healthier every week and needs to get back to his All-Pro form to save the Raiders season.

Number 9- Chiefs and Broncos should look for the panic button

The Chiefs were the last undefeated team in the NFL, but have lost their last two games. The Chiefs are still one of the best teams in the AFC, but have to get back to their winning ways if they want to be considered a Super Bowl contender.

The Broncos were not expected to do much this season, but they have been disappointing the last few weeks. They have lost to two of the worst teams in the NFL in the Chargers and the Giants, so saying that they are struggling is an understatement. The Broncos still have a good defense, but need to figure something out on offense to save their season.

Number 8- Jaggin Off SZN is back again

Last week I declared the Jaguars actually bad, they obviously read my blog and came out firing this week. Granted they destroyed the lowly Colts but they are still in the middle of the AFC playoff push, they tend to win on odd weeks, so I will probably declare them bad again next week.

Number 7- Saints, Bears, Bills, and Dolphins are actually good?

Neither of these teams was supposed to be good this season, but they all have a chance to win their respective divisions. The Saints defense is terrible which is going to hold them back, but all the other teams in their division are really bad, so maybe their offense can lead them to the playoffs?

The Bears offense has not been good under rookie Mitchell Trubisky, but they are 2-1 in games that Trubisky starts. After the injury to Aaron Rodgers, anyone can win the NFC North, so why not the Bears?

The Bills and Dolphins are in second place in their division, but we all know who is going to win that division, but crazier things have happened I guess.

Number 6- Falcons, Ravens, and Bucs are trash

Falcons and Bucs were supposed to be at the top of their division but are trash. Neither team has looked good in the past fews but have the benefit of playing the Jets in the next few weeks to get their mojo going.

The Ravens are just trash and Joe Flacco is not elite anymore

Number 5- Are the Cowboys back?

Beating up on the lowly 49ers should not count, but their offense finally clicked in that game. Who knows what is going to happen with the suspension of Zeke Elliot, maybe they are a Wild Card team if they sneak into the playoffs?

Number 4- Rams will win the NFC West

The Rams continue to dominate teams while the Seahawks stuggle against trash teams. The Seahawks have already beaten the Rams this season, but have a tougher schedule than the Rams which will result in them settling for the Wild Card this season.

Number 3- Steelers look like they are back again

The Steelers had a rough stretch early this season but they are back to their dominant self. Their offense is lights out again and their defense is doing just enough to win games. They are the second best team in the AFC and are for usre a Super Bowl contender.

Number 2- Carson Wentz is the NFL MVP?

The Eagles are the best team in the NFL and Ginger Jesus is a big reason why. Wentz leads the league in a lot of quarterback categories and is right now the best young talent in the game. The Eagles have a history of letdowns under the brightest stage of the NFL, but they might just be able to avoid a letdown this season.

Number 1- Pats fans need to start looking for hotels in Minnesota again

There was a period earlier in the season, when the Pats were not the best team in the AFC, that is no longer the case. Most Pats fans had probably taken off for early February in the preseason, but thought about cancelling their plans in the early part of the season, well they should change their plans again because the Pats look unbeatable again.

Check back next week to see how wild next week in the NFL is.


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