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College Football Week 8 Recap

I should probably watch some College Football before I write these blogs

It was not a wild weekend in college football, we did not see any major upsets and all the good teams survived and advanced to Week 9. Below are my ten observations from this week’s action.

Number 10- Is Rutgers football back?

Rutgers beat Purdue at home on Saturday on what marked their first Big Ten victory in a while, though the Scarlet Knights are still really bad at football and will not win another game this season, the fans finally got something to cheer about on Saturday.

Number 9- Tennessee football is definitely not back

Tennessee has not yet won a game in SEC play and they got destroyed by Alabama this week. Everyone is on the hot seat at Rocky Top and they need to salvage the rest of the season to save the jobs of the coaching staff.

Number 8- UCF will need New Years day off

UCF is one of a handful of teams that is still undefeated in the country and they control their own destiny. Central Florida will play South Florida later this season and both teams might be undefeated during that game, which makes you wonder if the winner of that game might sneak into the College Football playoff if one of the Power Five conferences does not have a good team.

Number 7- USC is trash

USC got blown out by Notre Dame and what was supposed to be a good season for the Trojans is turning into tragedy. Quarterback Sam Darnold is not as good as advertised and the Trojans might be lucky if they become bowl eligible by season’s end.

Number 6- Is Notre Dame good?

Notre Dame won another big game and are now in the conversation for the College Football Playoff. The Fighting Irish only have one loss on the season, which was a close game against Georgia, who is currently in the Top-5 in most rankings. The Fighting Irish are already better than any team in the Pac-12 and will need another conference champion to have two losses if they want to go to the Playoffs.

Number 5- Alabama has the worst resume in the country

Alabama continues to roll over its opponent and has not had a tough game all season. Their best win thus far is against Florida State, who is one of the worst teams in the ACC. Things will get tricky for the Tide when they face LSU in two weeks, which will be their toughest test of the season.

Number 4- Michigan is not yet back

Michigan got blown out in another game that they could have made a statement in. After losing to Michigan State a couple of weeks, whispers of Michigan not being good were swirling around Ann Arbor. The Wolverines could have silenced their haters on Saturday night by beating the #2 ranked team in the country, but got blown out and their season is spiraling downwards.

Number 3- Michigan State might be back

Michigan State had a big statement win a couple of weeks ago on the road against undefeated Michigan and they have used that win to get back in the national conversation. Michigan State still technically controls its own destiny and in a bizarro situation they could could go the Playoffs as the Big Ten champions.

Number 2- Big 12 is still good

All the top teams in the Big 12 won this week, which means there are four teams in the conference that can still win the conference. Big 12 is by far the most competitive conference in the country right now and maybe they could take two teams to the playoffs if other conferences continue to stink.

Number 1- Penn State is actually good

The only criticism against Penn State this year was that they have not had a tough test. Well that has changed after they killed Michigan this week at home. The game was never in doubt and most experts now believe that they deserve to be the #2 ranked team in the country. The Nittany Lions have another test this week on the road at Ohio State, who would love to beat the Lions to get into the national conversation once again.


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