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Might be a Hot Take but the Jets are not at football

I am at a point where death might be the only way to end my misery

From the Associated Press

The New York Jets have made it a weekly thing to blow 14 point leads in games that have to win if they want to do anything with this season. This week they blew the lead to the Dolphins who are somehow in playoff contention despite looking like one of the worst teams in football. This game was a wake up call for the Jets, who should go back to fully embracing the tank from now on.

If I wanted to be lazy, I can just copy the game story of last week’s game into this story because today’s game was basically a carbon copy of last week’s loss to the Pats.

The offense got the ball first and marched right down the field and scored to take an early lead in a divisional matchup. The defense was not able to contain the terrible offense of the Dolphins who also scored on their first drive of the game. What followed from there was some of the ugliest football of all time.

Both teams were exchanging punts and not really moving the ball. until the Jets scored to retake the lead. After exchanging some more punts, the Dolphins scored again to level the game again. It looked like the game was going to go into halftime all tied at 14, but Jay Cutler wanted more scoring. He threw an interception deep inside his own territory to Muhammad Wilkerson, who finally made a good play in what has been terrible season for him this year. The Jets capitalized on the turnover and went into halftime with a 21-14 lead.

The Jets capitalized on another Miami interception, this time it was thrown was Matt Moore who came in to replace the injured Cutler, and they took a 28-14 lead. With the Dolphins down to their back up quarterback and the defense not being able to contain Josh McCown, this game looked like it was over.

Jet fans were already looking forward to next week’s game against the Falcons and I may or may not have (definitely did) started writing the recap blog to get it done early. Well that blog has since been deleted and I am now writing another blog for my three loyal readers because you know the blog never sleeps.

Matt Moore is not a good quarterback but has been the backup in Miami for what seems like ten years, got another opportunity to shine, and shine he did folks. Moore looked like the second coming of Tom Brady and he tied up the game at 28, while the Jets offense had gone completely cold in the fourth quarter once again.

The Jets defense was terrible in the second half, they could not stop anyone and were rushed back to the field because the offense could hardly move the ball. The defense was able to come up with a stop late in the fourth quarter and it looked like we were headed to overtime to determine the outcome of this game, but McCown wanted to go back to New York early.

Pinned deep inside their own territory, all the Jets had to do was run out the clock and try their luck in overtime, mind you they already won a game in overtime this season, but the Jets never do what you want them to do. They decided to throw the ball and in true Jets fashion, McCown’s pass was intercepted by the Dolphins who were well inside field goal territory.

The Dolphins kicked the field goal and move on with a 4-2 record in the season and splitting the season series with the Jets. The Dolphins are not a good football team, but I am starting to believe there are no good times in the NFL, so maybe the Dolphins can sneak in to the playoffs.

For the Jets, this game was a crushing defeat that all but end any chance they had of contending for a playoff spot. Playoff teams do not blow two touchdown leads at home or on the road against average teams, and the Jets have done both in the last two weeks, so yeah they are actually bad.

The coaching staff did not do a good job in the second half and the defense was awful once again. Starting next week, upper management should force Todd Bowles and the coaching staff to start players that have a chance of becming great instead of starting long time journeymen.

I can finally say that this game Just Ended The Season for the Jets, come back next week to see what other things the Jets do the piss off their fan base.


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