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The NFL hates the Jets

I want the FBI to stop what they are doing, and launch a full blown investigation on the NFL

The Jets dropped their third game of the season by losing to the Patriots at home, but the story of the game is the bad officiating in the game. The Jets lost by seven points, as the final score of the game was 24-17, but they were robbed of a touchdown by the replay crew. Austin Sefarian-Jenkins scored a touchdown in the fourth quarter, but it was reviewed and ruled a fumble in the end zone. I have re watched the play more than ten times but still do not understand how the play was ruled a touchback. Regardless of that missed call, the Jets are now 3-3 and should probably start tanking from now on starting next week against Miami.

We knew that the Pats defense was really bad and that was clearly evident in the first quarter. The Jets got the ball first and marched right down the field to score an easy touchdown to take a 7-0 lead. The Jet defense was able to keep Brady and the Pats offense in check in the first quarter. The Jet offense capitalized on the positive momentum and jumped out to a 14-0 lead to end the first quarter.

The Jets, who did not have really a chance to win the game before the start, were up two scores all of a sudden and Metlife Stadium was rocking, but here came the first turning point of the game. Tom Brady threw a pass to Rob Gronkowski that was right in the hands of Buster Skrine, but he could not come up with the interception. The Jets were up 14-0 nothing at the time and could have added to their lead because the Pats were in their own territory at the time. The Pats capitalized on the dropped interception by marching down the field and scoring a touchdown.

The momentum was shifting towards the Pats and the Jet offense was not helping out the defense. The Jets could not get anything going after the Pats score. The Jets had plenty of opportunities to score and extend their lead but they either ending up punting or giving the ball back with an interception from Josh McCown. It looked the Jets would be able to work the clock in their favor and will go into halftime with a lead, but McCown threw an interception to give the ball back to the Pats with time left in the second quarter.

The Pats marched down the field again and scored a touchdown to tie the game and most Jets fan knew what was about to happen. The Pats were going to get the ball to start the second half, so the score at the end of the first half was even a bigger blow for the Jets. The Pats took the ball in the second half and easily scored a touchdown to take their first lead of the game at 21-14.

The Jet offense had looked lost since the start of the second quarter and it looked like it was going to be a blow out win for the Pats once again, who added a field to make it 24-14 going into the fourth quarter. The Jets had mismanaged their time outs at the start of the second quarter and that was going to come back and hurt them in the fourth quarter.

The Jets were able to get the offense going and got into the red zone and it looked like they might be able to cut into the deficit. Seferain-Jenkins caught a ball at the four yard line and got into the end zone for what at the time looked like a touchdown for the Jets, but it was going to be reviewed as all scoring plays are.

I still do not understand how that play was ruled a touchback, the ball never left the hands of the receiver but somehow it was a fumble. That botched play all but guaranteed the win for the Pats. The Jets scored a field goal and had a chance to score more points in the end but could not and the game ended with a 24-17 win for the Pats.

This games was a big blow to the portion of Jets fans who thought they should contend this year, losing to the Pats in a game in which they were up double digits is all but a nail in the coffin of the Jets season. This game showed that the Jets are still far from contending for the Super Bowl and should focus on rebuilding and getting there in the future. The Jets play the Dolphins next week in a game that the Jets might be favored in, if they lose that game then they should bench McCown and start one of their young quarterbacks.

McCown ended with over a 350 passing yards as the Pats defense is really bad. Other standouts on the offense were Robby Anderson, who finally had a big game this season and Seferian-Jenkins, who has become a legitimate tight end for the Jets. The offense was great in the first quarter but could not carry it into the rest of the game, they must be consistent throughout the game if they want to beat the good teams like the Pats.

The defense was really bad in this game and a major reason for the Jets loss. They could not contain Gronkowski who had multiple touchdowns against rookie Jamal Adams. The dropped interception by Skrine would have changed the game, but instead changed the game the other way for the Pats. The defense has to get better before we start thinking about playoffs with this team.

The goal for the Jets next week is to start evaluating all positions on the field including quarterback. If the Jets do not win next week, then they should fully embrace the Tank, but only partially embrace it this week.


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