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NFL Week 6 Picks

I might have found my calling by picking NFL games

Welcome to NFL picks that might be presented by somebody very soon. I went 3-3 last week and well over .500. There are not many tricky games this week, so we might finish in the money again. You can find the full recapĀ here, but I have the recap of picks down below.

Week 5 Recap-

Game 1- My Pick- Bucs outright, Actual- Pats win but did not cover

Game 2- My Pick- Giants outright, Actual- Chargers outright

Game 3- My Pick- Jets outright, Actual- Jets outright

Game 4- My Pick- Packers outright, Actual- Packers outright

Game 5- My Pick- Texans outright, Actual- Chiefs outright

Game 6- My Pick- Bears outright, Actual- Vikings outright

Record for Week 5-3-3, Overall record after Week 5- 20-12

The games for this week are the Eagles at the Panthers, the Pats at the Jets, the Packers at the Vikings, the Steelers at the Chiefs, the Giants at the Denver, and the Colts at the Titans.

Game 1- Thursday night, the Philadelphia Eagles at the Carolina Panthers (Line- Panthers -3.5)

This is one of the best games of the season thus far. Both teams are really good and will make the playoffs if the season ended today. In this game I will take the Eagles because I think Carson Wentz is the real deal and this is a big statement game for him.

Game 2- Sunday Afternoon, the New England Patriots at the New York Jets (Line- Pats -9.5)

This line makes no sense to me, the Jets and the Pats have the same record, but the Pats will win this game. I would expect the line to be closer to attract more money, but I will take the Pats and the points, because I think they will win by a hundred.

Game 3- Sunday Afternoon, the Green Bay Packers at the Minnesota Vikings (Line- Packers -2.5)

The Packers are one of the best teams in the NFL and the Vikings are plagued with injuries. The Vikings won last week over the Bears while the Packers got a big win over the Cowboys. This game is going to be lot closer than people think, but I think the Packers will eventually pull through and win the game with the points.

Game 4- Sunday Late Afternoon, the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Kansas City Chiefs (Line- Chiefs -4.5)

I have picked the Chiefs to have a bad game the last two weeks, but they have easily won both games. I will break the trend and pick the Chiefs and the points this week and they will have a big win this weekend.

Game 5- Sunday Night, the New York Giants at the Denver Broncos (Line- Broncos -11.5)

The Giants are the worst team in football and have no offensive weapons. The Broncos are a really good team at home, so they will for sure win this game. I am going to take a risk and say that the Giants keep this game close and they lose by less than 11 points.

Game 6- Monday Night, the Indianapolis Colts at the Tennessee Titans (No Line)

There is no line on this game yet, so I am going to treat this game as a pick em. The Colts are still missing Andrew Luck and there is a chance that Marcus Mariota misses the game for the Titans. This game is to be ugly, but I will pick the Titans to win, just because they are at home.

My picks for this week are Eagles, Pats, Packers, Chiefs, Giants, and the Titans.


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