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NFL Week 5 Recap

Might be a hot take but the NFL is a really fun sport to watch

By now you know that all my recaps start by the same phrase, which is “it was a wild weekend in the NFL’, well this week was wild and below you can find my ten observations from this week.

Number 10- It is definitely #JagginOffSZN

  • The Jags have put together really good wins to start the season, but have the bad loss against the Jets staring right at them. In a weak AFC, the Jags might actually have a chance to make the Playoffs

Number 9- We are going to laugh when the Steelers play in the Championship game

  • Everyone is panicking about the Steelers, none of that is going to matter when they figure themselves out and end up in the AFC Championship game somehow

Number 8- Is Joe Flacco Elite again?

  • The Ravens beat up on the Raiders to get a bounce back win, they looked great in that game and should use that momentum to contend in the weak AFC.

Number 7- Giants are #done

  • The Giants might actually be the worst team in football, I would be surprised if they win more than three games this season.

Number 6- Are the Panthers back?

  • Panthers looked great this week and Cam Newton had a great game after a really bad PR week. The Panthers are the second best team in the NFC West and a contender for the NFC Wild Card and quite possibly the division.

Number 5- Jets and Pats control their own destiny

  • The winner of this week’s game will lead the AFC East, the Jets are not tanking anymore because they love to torment their fan base. I would be shocked if the Pats do not beat the Jets by at least 30 points on Sunday.

Number 4- Enough focus on the kneeling and more focus on the legs of the players

  • There had been a huge uproar on Anthem protests in the NFL, but not enough attention has been paid to the players’ legs. Two major stars in the NFL, JJ Watt and Odell Beckham Jr., suffered leg injuries this week and are out for the season, so enough coverage about the players kneeling and creating a distraction, and more focus on the product on the field.

Number 3- Philadelphia is the real deal

  • The Eagles are sneaky good and are leading the NFC East. The Cowboys are really struggling right now, so the Eagles can take advantage and run away with the East. Carson Wentz is in contention for the MVP award.

Number 2- Kansas City Chiefs might just be the best team in football

  • Another big game for the Chiefs and they come through once again. The debate has ended, the Chiefs are the favorites to win the Super Bowl right now.

Number 1- Aaron Rodgers is actually good at Football

  • You cannot give Aaron Rodgers time in the fourth quarter, because he will end your soul, the Cowboys learned that the hard way this week. Rodgers is in mid season form and that is not a good thing for the rest of the NFL.



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