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College Football Week 6 Recap

I am so wrong about this sport, but people seem to enjoy it

It was a wild weekend in the College Football season. Down go the Number 3, Number 7 teams in the country and new teams are establishing themselves as contenders for the Playoffs. Below are my ten observations from this weekend in College Football.

Number 10- Ohio State beat Towson by only 100 points

  • These two teams did not actually play this week, but they kinda did. Maryland beat Towson by like 50 points earlier this season and the Terps lost to Ohio State by like 50 points. Which means if Ohio State played Towson, they would lose by a like 100 points.

Number 9- Georgia and Wisconsin are sneaky good

  • Georgia and Wisconsin are both undefeated are taking an advantage of being on the weak division of their respective conferences. Both teams will win their division easily and have a chance to win their conferences and go to the Playoffs.

Number 8- Notre Dame are sneaky back

  • The Fighting Irish have lost a lot of big games this year, but have been winning their recent games to come back in the national recognition and they will possibly sneak into a big bowl game.

Number 7- Washington will defend its Pac-12 championship

  • Washington is the only remaining undefeated team in the Pac-12 and has looked dominant this season. The Huskies control their own destiny in the North and the teams in the Pac-12 South are not as good as advertised. The Huskies are a lock in the Playoffs right now.

Number 6- Look out for TCU

  • TCU won a big game against undefeated West Virginia on Saturday and is currently the highest ranked team in the Big 12. They play Oklahoma in a couple of weeks and should they win that game, they will be a lock in the Playoffs.

Number 5- Has Alabama lost its fastball?

  • Alabama won their game by only three touchdowns this week after winning by 60 points last week. Alabama beat up on Texas A&M, but there were times during the game, where the Tide did not look as dominant as they usually are.

Number 4- Michigan is not back folks

  • Michigan had the chance to win a big night game at the Big House, but they lost to in state rivals Michigan State. Michigan had five turnovers in the loss and looked really ugly. They need to figure themselves out before they play Ohio State later this season.

Number 3- Do not count out Coach O in big games

  • LSU had a big loss last week, but beat Florida this week and received some votes in the AP Poll. Coach O led the Tigers to a big win and can beat Alabama in a couple of weeks to cause a major upset.

Number 2- The U is back folks

  • Miami beat up on Florida State and the momentum is really high right now. The momentum will come down when they lose to Clemson by 30 points, but the U is back for now.

Number 1- Oklahoma is currently the victim of the Avi Mehta Curse

  • I pick Oklahoma every week, and they do exactly the opposite of what I predict. I picked them to cover the spread this week, but they instead lost. Oklahoma is still in good shape for the Playoffs, but that was the biggest upset of the season thus far.


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