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NFL Week 4 Review

What is going in the NFL?

This week was very funky in the NFL, a lot of the contenders lost and struggled while the bad teams won. Below are my Ten observations from this week.

Number 10- Danny Trevathan did nothing wrong

  • In the hit above, we can see that Trevathan did not intentionally have a dirty hit. He had no other option than to hit Adams and was suspended two games for the hit. Though it was not intentional, the suspension is fair to set a precedent in the NFL about dirty hits.

Number 9- Dolphins should just stay in London

  • The London games this season have not been fun to watch. Both games have been blowouts and ugly for the losing team. The Dolphins got shutout this week, which was the first shutout in London games history and looked lost in the field. Their quarterback Jay Cutler should have probably stayed in retirement as he flat out stinks. The Dolphins are going to be worst team in the AFC East

Number 8- Bad teams are not tanking

  • The Jets and the Bills came into this season with no real expectations to win, but right now both teams are in the top half of the AFC East standings. The teams need to rebuild their rosters for long term success, but are instead choosing to win now, which is a terrible idea for both teams.

Number 7- Giants are officially dead

  • The biggest surprise of the season is how bad the Giants are. Their offense was the problem in the first two games and now it is their defense. They are not a good football team and we have to wonder how many people will lose their jobs because of this dumpster fire.

Number 6- Eagles are the real deal

  • The Eagles got a win in Los Angeles to add on to their lead in the NFC East. Carson Wentz and the offense is really good and can take this team to the postseason. The Eagles are slowly becoming the favorites to win the division this season, with the Cowboys struggling at home against the Rams.

Number 5- Joe Flacco might not actually be Elite

  • Flacco and the Ravens have been terrible in their last two games and fans have started to believe that this season might be over. Flacco has not played well recently which is a big proponent of them having their whole offensive line hurt. The Ravens have a soft game this week, which they need to capitalize on to contend for the Wild Card

Number 4- Football in Los Angeles is good and bad

  • The Rams got a big win in Dallas this week and look like a dark horse pick for the NFC Wild Card. Led by a rookie head coach and a second year quarterback, the Rams might bring back the glory days in Los Angeles. One team that will not bring back the glory days are the Chargers. The Chargers are not good and have a hard time selling out a soccer stadium every week. With the team struggling on the field and things not looking good off the field, the Chargers should consider moving back to San Diego while the new stadium is being built.

Number 3- Raiders are in trouble

  • The Raiders lost a big division game this week to fall to 2-2, but things got much worse for them on Monday. It came out that quarterback Derek Carr will miss at least two weeks and possibly more with a back injury. The Raiders did not win a game after Carr got hurt at the end of last season, and if he is seriously hurt again this season, then the Raiders will need to find someone before it is too late.

Number 2- Patriots need to hit the panic button

  • The Pats came into the season thinking they will go 16-0 or 15-1 in the regular season, but that is not going to happen. The Pats are currently in third place in the AFC East, but will probably win the division. Their defense is by far the worst defense in football and will need to fix it before the end of the regular season.

Number 1- Chiefs are the team to beat in the NFL

  • The Chiefs are the only remaining undefeated team in the NFL. Though none of their games have been blowouts, they are doing enough to come out on top. With the Pats struggling and the Falcons battling injuries, the Chiefs are the best team in the NFL at this moment.



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