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If you are reading this than know that the Jets are probably going to go to the Super Bowl this year. They just beat the Jacksonville Jaguars in overtime and are just one game out of first place in the AFC East. This game was a terrible one to watch, both teams had more than a handful opportunities to win the game, but neither side was able to come through in regulation. The two teams were exchanging punts in overtime, and it looked like a Tie was inevitable. The Jets made a couple of good plays towards the end of overtime, to pull of the win and build a two game winning streak. The Jets face the lowly Cleveland Browns next week and it will be a disappointment if they do not go into their first battle with the Pats in Week 6 with a winning record.

This game was not going to be good, the Jags were coming off a game in London and the Jets are (atleast we thought they were) really bad. The Jags were adjusting to not playing an early morning game in grass and that was evident in the first half. They got an early touchdown in the first quarter to start off the scoring in the game, but looked dreadful the rest of the way. After the touchdown on their opening drive, the Jags did not score an offensive touchdown in the game and had to settle for field goals on their trips into the red zone. The Jets answered back on the very first play after the Jags score when Bilal Powell took it to the house for a 75 yard touchdown. The Jets offense was not great and was able to keep the game close by answering back everytime the Jags took the lead. The two teams were tied at ten going into halftime and the game was definitely not exciting to watch in the first half.

The fatigue from playing in London last week caught up to the Jags as they looked lifeless on offense in the second half. The Jets got another big play when Elijah McGuire ran for a 69 yard touchdown to give the Jets the lead for the first time in the game. The Jets picked off Blake Bortles deep in Jacksonville territory and it looked the Jets had an opportunity to put the game away at the end of the third quarter. The Jets had to settle for the field goal, but most fans were already envisioning them winning the game as the Jags looked lifeless. Following the Jets field goal, the Jags came into New York territory and tried a field goal to make this a one score game, but missed the kick and gave the ball back with great field position for the Jets. The Jets got another big play on this drive when Josh McCown throw a deep 41 yard pass to Robby Anderson to put in the Jets in the red zone. With the Jags offense being ineffective in the second half, a score right here would have sealed the win for the New York Football Jets. However, in true Jets fashion, the very next play, McCown threw a pass behind Powell, that was ruled a fumble, which the Jags returned to the house to make it 20-17. Every single Jet fan knew that as the referee signaled the touchdown after review, the Jets were going to lose the game. The Jet offense looked helpless and could not do anything to extend the lead. The Jags picked off McCown in Jet territory and Jet fans were convinced that the game was over. The Jags were not able to score a touchdown to take the lead, but instead settled for a field goal to send the game into overtime all tied up at 20.

Neither team got anything going in overtime and fans of both teams were ready to embrace the tie. It would have been fitting that this ugly game ended in a tie, but the Jets had other plans. They pinned the Jags deep in their own territory and benefited from a penalty on the punt return. The Jags started the drive inside their own five yard line and were running plays to avoid a safety. The Jets stuffed the run on the first two downs and called a timeout to leave plenty of time in case they got the ball back. The next play was one of the biggest plays of the game, and the Jags chose to throw the ball which was incomplete and no one was near the ball. Not only did that incompletion result in a fourth down, it also stopped the clock to give the Jets more than enough time to get into field goal territory and win the game. The punt was not the best of the game for Brad Nortman, as the Jets received the ball right around mid field and Jeremy Kerley returned it into Jags territory. There was an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on the Jags at the end of the play that moved the Jets well inside field goal territory. The Jets lined up the ball in the middle of the field to give Chandler Catanzaro an opportunity to win the game. Catanzaro kicked it straight down broadway and the Jets are now .500 on the season.

The goals of this season for the Jets might be changing based on what is happening around the NFL. The Jets play the Browns next week and should be able to comfortably win that game to go 3-2 on the season. They play the Pats the week after, who have the worst defense in the NFL. There is a realistic chance that the Jets can put up a nice winning streak in the middle of the season, to get their fans dreaming. There are a lot of bad teams in the NFL and the second wild card in the AFC will probably get in with eight or nine wins, and the Jets should consider going for the spot. If you had asked me after Week 2 if the Jets would go to the postseason, it would have been a firm no, but after Week 4, I would not be shocked if they are contention going into November and December. Bottom line is that the Jets can do something special and they control their own destiny.


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