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Who’s back of the week? New York Football Jets

From Sports Illustrated

The Jets beat up on the Miami Dolphins in their home opener on Sunday afternoon in East Rutherford. The Jets came out to play and completely dominated the game from start to finish. The offense scored on timely intervals, while the defense and special teams were outstanding. The Jets will look carry this positive momentum into the coming weeks and try to get some more wins this season.

This game was going to be intriguing because of the off the field stuff happening yesterday involving President Trump. He bashed the NFL owners in a rally on Friday night and said that all the players that protested during the national anthem should be kicked out of the league. A lot of NFL teams made statements against the President’s comments, but one team that did not do any thing was the Jets. The owner of the Jets, Woody Johnson is a big donor of the Trump campaign and is currently the ambassador to the UK under the Trump administration. The Jets had not made any public statements prior to the game, so it was interesting to see what they would do during the national anthem. The Jets and their front office lined up locking arms to show unity during the anthem. 

On to the game, the Jets got the ball first and started out slow once again on offense. They were not getting many yards but were able to manage to get into Dolphins territory. They could not convert with the great field position and ended up missing the field goal to take the lead. The defense on the other end was completely shutting down the Dolphins who did not cross midfield until the end of the third quarter. The offense eventually got going and went into halftime with a 10-0 lead. The Jets came out great in the second half and jumped to a 20-0 lead, the Dolphins added a touchdown on the last play of the game to end the game with a Jet win 20-6.

The offense was outstanding, Josh McCown threw a great pass to Robby Anderson which resulted in a 65 yard touchdown near the end of the first half. The running game was fantastic eating up yards and Bilal Powell had a touchdown in the second half to pad the lead. The defense could not have played better in this game. They did not allow a point in the game until the very last play. The defense disrupted Cutler throughout the game and showed some great signs for the future. Jamal Adams was fantastic in the secondary and looks like a cornerstone in the Jets plan for the future. The special teams started out slow with an early missed field goal but got better during the game with an interception on a fake punt attempt. The Jets played their best game of the season and it showed on the scoreboard.

This win does not really mean much other than the fact that the Jets will not be going 0-16 this season. The Dolphins are not a good team, so this win does not move the needle. The Jets are still tanking and building for the future, getting wins like today gives some hope to the battered fan base. The Jets take on the Jaguars at home next weekend, who are coming off a big win against the Ravens in London.


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  1. Interesting thoughts…. Jets 14-2 😂😂😂😂😂

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