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Carmelo traded to the Thunder

It was about damn time

Big Time WOJ BOMB!! on a lazy College Football Saturday Afternoon. The nation’s long nightmare is finally over, the Melo trade rumors can finally come to an end. Melo is no longer a Knick and he is not going to a team that he wanted to go to. He is going to Oklahoma City to form a super team with Russell Westbrook and Paul George, while the Knicks got a terrible package for him in return. Though some of the baggage holding the Knicks is no longer with the team, they are still very bad at making basketball decisions.

Ever since last season ended, the rumors of Melo leaving town were the prevalent talks regarding the Knicks. Their President of Basketball Operations, Phil Jackson left town, but the trade rumors did not die down. There was a report in July that a trade between the Knicks and the Rockets is at “2-yard line”, but it never came into fruition. Melo wanted to go to the Rockets to play with buddies Chris Paul and James Harden, but the Rockets did not have any assets to send back to New York. There was also a report that Portland was offering a better package than the Rockets and that deal could happen, but it did not. In the end, the Knicks had to settle for the package from the Thunder and Melo waived his no-trade clause to join them.

The biggest misstep for the Knicks was that everyone knew that Melo wanted out of New York, thus decreasing his trade value. It was a matter of When not if the Knicks were going to trade Melo, so other teams were not offering up their best assets, because it seemed as if the Knicks had no choice other than to trade Melo eventually. They could have definitely gotten more for Melo but that is not what the Knicks do. Melo had a blanket no-trade clause and the Thunder probably knew that if they waited long enough they would be able to land Carmelo.

The package that the Knicks got is really bad compared to the value of Carmelo Anthony. Kanter is a middle of the pack forward and McDermott is a below average guard in the NBA and the Knicks do not know how to draft so that Second round draft pick does not really mean much. The two players will help the Knicks in the short run and maybe change of scenery for both players will lead them to turn things around. One good thing about the Knicks is that they are still rebuilding and both Kanter and McDermott will get plenty of opportunities to prove that they should be part of the long term plan of the Knicks. This trade is a perfect time to declare the Knicks dead for this season and start looking forward to 2018-19.

The Thunder are getting a really good player in Melo. Though he has struggled in the last few seasons and is no longer in his prime, Carmelo is still a great scorer who can put up twenty points a game. The Thunder have two great players in Westbrook and George who are really good defenders and should be able to make up for the lack of defensive effort from Melo.

This is the final time I will be able to #StayMe70 since he is no longer on the Knicks. Why are both my football and Basketball so bad at making smart decisions


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