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Jets might never win another game


The Jets just lost 45-20 to the Raiders in Oakland and looked terrible for the whole game. The defense could not stop anyone again despite the offense getting into some groove. The offense scored 20 points, thanks to two touchdowns by Josh McCown to Jermaine Kearse. Outside of a couple of highlights on offense, the game was a disaster for the Jets, who will make the cross country flight to come back home and face the Dolphins next week in their home opener.

The game could not have started out worst for the Jets. The Raiders got the ball first and marched right down the field to take an early 7-0 lead. The Jets offense was awful in the first quarter and they could not gain any yards on the Raiders defense, which is weaker than their offense and special teams. The Jets punted the ball right back to the Raiders, who were slowly gaining momentum on the Jets defense. The Raiders did not score for the rest of the quarter, but looked in clear control of the game.

The Raiders scored early in the game to gain a 14-0 lead and the game looked like it was over. The Raiders had all the momentum on their side and were out gaining the Jets by over a 150 yards. The game looked like it could be a forty point blowout for the Raiders, but the Jets had other plans. The offense finally got going midway through the second quarter and scored a touchdown to make it 14-7. The crowd was stunned by the Jets score and the Raiders were losing some of their momentum, as the Jets defense was not allowing much room to the Raiders. The Jets were able to march down the field again and settle for a field goal and make it 14-10, and for a brief minute it looked like the Jets might actually have a chance in this game. The Raiders had a quick three and out after the Jets score, so the offense was going to get the ball with some time left on the clock to add more score before halftime. The Jets were going to get the ball at the start of the second half, so scoring at the end of the first half would bring a lot of momentum to the Jets sideline. In true Jets fashion, the Jets dropped the punt on their own five yard line and the Raiders recovered the muffed punt in great field position. The Raiders quickly scored a touchdown to make it 21-10. All the momentum was again on the Raiders sideline and the crowd had gotten back into the game. The Jets had a chance to pull of a big upset, but it looked like they had blown their best opportunity to win the game.

The Raiders completely took over the game in the second half and turned the game into a blowout. The offense was firing on all cylinders scoring 24 points in two quarters and the defense was forcing fumbles left and right to kill the Jets hopes. (Disclaimer- I had turned off the Jets game and was watching the other games, so I do not know when anything happened in the second half, just looked at the box score at the end of the game). The Jets scored a late touchdown to make it a respectable offensive output in what was a really bad game for the whole team.

The Jets have a lot of issues to fix. The defense which was supposed to be the strength of this team, has looked awful through two games and I do not think they will be able to fix it. The offense was fine in the later stages of the game, but has to have a better start to gain some momentum and help out the defense. The Jets take on the Dolphins next week, who come in winning a two point game against the Chargers. The Jets should have a better game than today and possibly a more realistic chance to win. If they cannot beat the Dolphins, then the Jets will go 0-16 this season.


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