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Yankees Weekend Series Preview- 9/14/17

Anything is possible for the Yankees from here on out

The Yankees have 17 games left in the season and they could either win the AL East, win the AL Wild Card, or miss the playoffs entirely. The Yankees are three and a half games back of the AL East lead at the time of this blog. The Yankees play a division rival in the Orioles at home this weekend with a chance to put the last nail in the coffin of the Orioles 2017 season. The Orioles will blow away all their chances of making the playoffs this season if the lose this weekend series against the Yankees. For the Yankees, this series is about continuing the positive momentum and building towards the postseason.

The Yankees took on the Rangers and the Rays since the last time they were blogged about on this site. The Yankees went 4-2 in those games and looked really good in their wins. The biggest negative of the stretch came in game 1 where they blew a five run lead behind their ace Masahiro Tanaka. Tanaka did not have anything on Friday night and could not protect the lead that the offense gave him. The Yankees bounced back behind their new ace, Luis Severino on Saturday by winning a game they did not deserve to win. Severino was great in his outing against the Rangers, giving up only one run and one hit, but was trailing when he was taken out of the game. It looked like the Yankees were going to waste a great start by Severino, before the offense was able to get the lead in the later innings, led by People’s MVP Chase Headley. The offense used the momentum they found late in Saturday’s game to run away with Sunday’s game. The Yanks scored 16 runs on Sunday and looked like they were playing football instead of baseball on the first Sunday of the NFL season. The Yankees then traveled north to play the Rays at Citi Field in a unique three game series because of the hurricanes in Florida. Majority of the fans that came to watch the games at Citi Field were Yankees fans and the games were basically home games for the Yanks. The Yanks took game 1 of the series led by a three-run home run by Todd Frazier, who could be playing for the Mets next season. The offense completely shut down on Tuesday behind Sonny Gray. They scored one run in the first inning and could not get anything going the rest of the way and lost the game 2-1. Yesterday was a weird game for the Yanks, they scored three runs but never looked in control of the game. The Yankees barely won the game thanks to a four out save by Aroldis Chapman.

The Yankees take on the O’s this weekend for a four game series starting tonight. The Yankees have won the last four series and need to keep that momentum going if they want to make the Postseason this year. The offense has been continuing what it has been doing throughout the season, which is putting up runs in bunches and then going cold for a bunch of innings. The offense needs to find some more consistency and have those big run innings more frequently to take some pressure of the pitching staff. The Pitching staff has really turned around in the second half of the season and has been great. The pitching staff is a big reason why they are well on their way to a postseason birth. The Yankees have to thank their lucky stars for finding great pitchers in Severino and Gray who are anchoring the staff and CC Sabathia doing the job as a seasoned veteran. The bullpen continues to follow the same script it has been all season. There is always one pitchers in the Yankees pen, who is struggling, the bullpen needs all the arms to click at one time and this team will be unbeatable. I think the Yankees will split this series to stay ahead in the AL Wild Card but losing some ground behind the Red Sox.


2 Comments on Yankees Weekend Series Preview- 9/14/17

  1. I think especially after last night, Girardi showed he’s playing to win now, not keeping Garcia in even though he could’ve had his first win. Or do you think that will shake Garcia’s confidence come post season? Either way lets go Yanks!


  2. I think that Garcia is most likely going to be on their Postseason rotation and with how the bullpen has been performing recently, I do not see a role for him there other than coming in to eat up innings in a blow out. Though I kinda disagree with the quick hook, I certainly understand it because Girardi will lose his job if they don’t make the playoffs and every win is important right now


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