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Week 2 NFL Picks

Time to lose some more money

Welcome back to NFL Picks presented by Nobody. Last week, we finished in the money and hopefully I can do the same for this week. Below is the recap of my picks last week and after that are six picks for this week.

Week 1 Picks results

Game 1- My pick- Pats outright, Actual- Chiefs won the game

Game 2- Bills win but not cover, Actual- Bills outright

Game 3- Raiders outright, Actual- Raiders outright

Game 4- Packers outright, Actual- Packers outright

Game 5- Cowboys outright, Actual- Cowboys outright

Game 6- Vikings outright, Actual- Vikings outright

Game 7- Broncos outright, Actual- Broncos win but did not cover

Record for Week 1- 4-3, Overall record- 4-3

On to this week we go, the games I will be picking are Texans at Bengals, Pats at Saints, Jets at Raiders, Cowboys at Broncos, Packers at Falcons, Lions at Giants.

Game 1- Thursday night- Houston Texans at Cincinnati Bengals (Line- Bengals -5.5)

Both this had disappointing starts to the season, by losing games that they should have easily won. The Texans had all sorts of quarterback issues and ended up changing up signal callers in the middle of the game against the Jags. They are going with Deshaun Watson this week, who is making his debut in the NFL. The Bengals got shut out at home by the Ravens, in large part because of bad quarterback play. Andy Dalton was responsible for five turnovers in the game. Tonight’s game is going to be ugly and I cannot see either scoring many points or winning the game by more than four points. I will take the Texans as my against the spread pick but either team could win this game close.

Game 2- Sunday 1 PM- New England Patriots at New Orleans Saints (Line- Pats -6)

Both teams did not look in their first game of the season and both played a Prime Time game. The Pats got upset at home by the Chiefs in a game that no one saw coming and the Saints lost to the Vikings even worse than most people thought they would lose by. The Pats defense looked terrible in Week 1, so this game could be an offensive shootout between the two best quarterbacks of this generation. The Pats are not that bad to go 0-2 on the season, so I will take the Pats to win this game outright.

Game 3- Sunday 4 PM- New York Jets at Oakland Raiders (Line- Raiders -13.5)

This is the biggest line of the season and I am not surprised one bit. The Raiders looked really good in their first game and are now returning home to play in the friendly elements. The Jets could not have looked worst in their first game and are going to lose this game. Two touchdowns is a lot of points, but I think the Jets are so bad that they might actually be shutout. I will take the Raiders and the points in this game, but my confidence in this pick is very low.

Game 4- Sunday 4:25 PM- Dallas Cowboys at Denver Broncos (Line- Dallas -1.5)

This game is very intriguing as both teams are going to be really good this season. The Cowboys shut down the Giants last week and the Broncos held of the Chargers to win the game. I could see either team winning this game and this game is basically a pick em for me because of the line. I would have liked to be a little different so I would not be forced to pick the outright winner, but I will take the Broncos to win the game because they are at home. I would be shocked if either team runs away with this game.

Game 5- Sunday night- Green Bay Packers at Atlanta Falcons (Line- Falcons -3)

Both of these teams did what they were supposed to do last week. The Packers beat the Seahawks to get a big win early in the season and the Falcons beat the Bears to avoid early season bad loss. The Falcons are opening up their new stadium in this game and it is also the rematch of last year’s NFC Championship game. I will take the Falcons to win this offensive duel because they will be helped by the crowd in their new stadium.

Game 6- Monday night- Detriot Lions at New York Giants (Line- Giants -3)

The two teams had opposite starts to their season. The Lions had a huge comeback win to beat the Cardinals at home while the Giants could not have looked worse in their game against the Cowboys. The Giants should get back Odell Beckham Jr. for this game, but I still cannot see how they are going to win this game. Their offensive line is really bad and the Lions should be able to get some pass rush to slow down the connections between Eli Manning and Beckham. Matt Stafford is more than capable to win a game on the road, I will take the Lions to win outright.

To recap, my against the spread picks for this week are the Texans, the Pats, the Raiders, the Broncos, the Falcons, and the Lions.


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