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NFL Week 1 Recap

It was a wild Sunday in the NFL, below are my 10 observations from the games that transpired this week.

Number 10- Jaguars and Rams are not actually good

  • The Jags and the Rams both had blow out wins in their first games. The two fan bases are probably riding high after Sunday but they are not going to be very good this season. Both teams beat up on teams that are really bad. I can guarantee that the Rams and the Jags will not make the playoffs this season.

Number 9- Quarterback is a very important position in football

  • The Jags and the Rams beat up on the Texans and the Colts respectively. Both the Texans and the Colts got really bad quarterback play that resulted in them losing the game. If the Texans and the Colts had average quarterbacks than both teams would be really good and playoff contender. The Texans are going with rookie DeShaun Watson this week so will see how good they actually are.

Number 8- Carson Wentz is the real deal

  • Wentz came into this season as the best young quarterback in the game right now and he added to his resume on Sunday. Wentz had an up and down game but made the plays when the Eagles needed them the most. The Eagles beat division rivals, the Redskins, who have many issues after the game. Sunday’s game was a stepping stone for what could be a surprise season for the Eagles and Carson Wentz

Number 7- Matt Stafford deserves to be the highest paid player ever

  • Stafford could not have started his season worst. He was throwing interceptions left and right but never let the game get out of hand. He and the Lions adjusted as the game went on and had a massive comeback to win the game. Stafford, in the fourth quarter proved that he deserved to be the highest paid player in the NFL.

Number 6- Aaron Rodgers actually good

  • Rodgers also struggled early in the game against the Seahawks. The Packers kept attacking the Hawks defense hoping for better results and eventually they did. Rodgers was able to connect with his best friend Jordy Nelson for a touchdown which propelled the Packers to get a big win to start the season.

Number 5- Odell Beckham Jr. is going to be a very rich person

  • The Giants were the biggest surprise of Week 1. Their offensive line might be the worst in football and they could not get anything going on offense. They clearly missed Beckham, who was out with an ankle injury. With the offense struggling in his absence, you have to think that Beckham is going to demand a lot of money from the Giants in the offseason and they might be forced to pay him that money.

Number 4- Patriots might not be a slam dunk to win the Super Bowl

  • The Patriots did not look great on Thursday night. Their defense was really bad and they were missing the players they lost to injuries. Luckily for them, they play in a division that is really bad, so they can coast to the playoffs. Once they get to the playoffs, I would not be surprised if they lose to a team that has a very good offense and a good secondary.

Number 3- Marshawn Lynch fits perfectly in the black hole

  • As seen in the featured image, Lynch is back in the NFL after retiring for one season. Lynch and the Raiders looked really good in their win over the Titans. The Raiders were one of the biggest winners of Week 1, as it looks like last year’s success was not a fluke for them.

Number 2- It is not the joke that the Jets are going 0-16

  • You can find my full recap on the Jets here, but I will summarize it on this blog. They looked really bad against a really bad team in the Bills. The Jets are not currently favored to win any games in Vegas and they should no positive signs in their game on Sunday. This is going to be a really long year for the New York Jets.

Number 1- If the Super Bowl was today it would be the Chiefs vs the Cowboys

  • The Chiefs looked great in their win over the Pats. Their offense came alive in the second half and the defense shut down Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. They lost one of their best defensive players for the season in Eric Berry, so them playing in the Super Bowl is obviously a Week 1 reaction. The Cowboys in the Super Bowl might not be an overreaction. The Cowboys beat up on a weak Giants team and their two best offensive players were able to get their first career wins over the G-Men. The suspension of Zeke Elliot is up in the air, so I would not be surprised if the team from Big D plays in the big game this year.


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