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Jets drop Game 1 of the season

At least they are embracing the Tank

(Featured image from the Associated Press)

There is no way to sugarcoat this game or look for a moral victory. The Jets had multiple chances to win the game, but simply could not get it done today in Buffalo. The Jets were taking on a Buffalo Bills team that is not very good and is going to be competing with the Jets for a high draft pick. The Bills looked better in every facet of the game and deserve to be in the first place of the AFC East. For the Jets, this game was a sign of things to come. Fans like myself are going to get there hopes up every week hoping for a Jets win, but are going to be disappointed to seem them lose. The biggest takeaway from this game is that the Jets are really far from contending for a playoff spot.

The Jets offense looked really bad against the Bills, they only put up 12 points against an average defense. The offense had no rhythm and they could not run the ball to save their lives. Running backs Matt Forte and Bilal Powell looked pedestrian in the running game forcing new offensive coordinator John Morton to get creative. The Jets were calling a lot of short passes to their running backs instead of hand offs and that was not effective either. The running backs were either dropping the ball or going down for a short gain. In order to win games, the Jets need to get their running backs going. Quarterback Josh McCown made his Jets debut today and plated like he was expected to play. He had some great throws that got the drive going, but he also had really bad throws. The Bills intercepted two of his passes, but had a chance to pick off a couple more. McCown looked like he was able to find a connection with new receiver Jermaine Kearse. The two looked in sync throughout the game and were the only positive sign on offense. The Jets need to build their offense around Kearse, Powell, and Robby Anderson to score some points this season.

The Jets defense was decent today, but had flashes of being really bad. The defense could not stop the running backs of the Bills and eventually tired out. The Bills took advantage of the Jets tiring out and got their passing game going in the second half. The defense had a really bad drive to start the game and the Bills marched right down the field to the Red Zone. The defense could not stop the run early and it looked like it was going to be a long game for the defense. They caught a break by intercepting Tyrod Taylor but in true Jets fashion they tackled each other in what looked like a play in which they could go all the way. The interception was the only highlight of the game for the most part. The defense was doing its job in the middle quarters but the offense could not get going. The defense finally cracked in the fourth quarter and the Bills were able to put the game away. Rookie safety Jamal Adams had a decent start to his NFL career but nothing that jumps out at you.

The Special teams was not the issue for the Jets. They converted on both their field goal attempts which kept the game close early on. The Jets are going to score a lot of field goals, so the field goal unit can win some games for the Jets. The punt team was efficient in not giving the Bills great field position. Punter Lachlan Edwards was giving his gunners enough time to get to the returner and stopping him. The return game could have better for the Jets, it seemed like they were dropping every punt and never got anything going on the kickoffs. The Jets have a terrible offense, so the return team needs to either take one back all the way or put the offense in good position every time they touch the ball.

The Jets drop their first game in the division and are tied with the Patriots in last place. They will travel cross country to take on the Raiders in their home opener next Sunday. The Raiders comfortably won their game today against the Titans and will be a tough opponent for the Jets. The Raiders are one of the best teams in football while the Jets are one of the worst, so you do not have to be a genius to figure out how that game will go.


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