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NFL Week 1 Picks

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Editor’s note: With the NFL season set to kickoff in a few hours, it is the perfect time to announce a new series of blogs. In this series of blogs, I will be picking various games of every NFL week. The format will be the same for every week. I will be picking all nationally televised games, the games that CBS and FOX have their A team broadcast call, and the Jets. In case the Jets are playing on National TV or are the A team broadcast, then I will pick a different game that is enticing. 

These blogs are perfect for all the gamblers out there. I expect my record to be really bad in this blogs, so would not be surprised if people fade my picks and become really rich. This week is special because I will be picking seven games instead of six. There are two Monday Night Football games this week, which throws a little wrench into my six pack of picks. The seven games I will be picking are Chiefs at Pats, Jets at Bills, Raiders at Titans, Seahawks at Packers, Giants at Cowboys, Saints at Vikings, and Chargers at Broncos. The games will be picked against the spread and by lines that I get on the time I write the blog, they can certainly change after my blog is posted and the start of the game.

Game 1- Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots (Line- New England -8)

This is the first game of the NFL season, so the emotions will be high on both sidelines. This game opened at -8 and has not moved much, which is shocking to me. I would have predicted the line to be in double digits, but Vegas obviously knows something that I do not. The Pats will raise their fifth championship banner tonight and the fan base will be wild. I expect the Pats to be in full control of this game and I think they will win the game in double digits. I will take Pats and the points in game 1 of the NFL season.

Game 2- New York Jets at Buffalo Bills (Line- Buffalo -9)

I am the biggest criticizer of the Jets, and think that they are going to have a really bad season this year, but this line makes no sense to me. The Bills are as bad as the Jets if not worst, there is no way they are going to beat any team by more than a touchdown. In case something has happened that I have not heard of, the Bills are starting a hurt quarterback who is being backed up by a rookie. I expect the Bills to win the game, but there is no way I think they can win by nine points. I will take the Bills to win the game, but the Jets as my against the spread pick.

Game 3- Oakland Raider at Tennessee Titans (Line- Tennessee -2.5)

This game is basically a pick em for me, the Titans get three games for being home, if this game was at a neutral site then the line would have been a pick em. These two teams are really good football teams, I have them both as playoff teams in previews. This game is one of the best of the weekend and has a really good quarterback match up. I will take the Raiders to win the game, because I think the Raiders pass rush will be able to contain the Titans. This game is going to be high scoring and will come down to a late field goal either way. I will take the Raiders to win the game outright.

Game 4- Seattle Seahawks at Green Bay Packers (Line- Green Bay -3)

This is a possible preview of the NFC Championship games. Both teams are really good and have been two of the best teams in the NFC over the last few seasons. It seems like these two teams play each other every season, and the team that is home usually wins the game. The Packers are getting points for being at home and that is the difference in this game. I will take the Packers and the points, because they have the offense that can put up a bunch of points.

Game 5- New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys (Line- Dallas -4)

This is the game of the weekend, the two teams hate each other. The winner of the games between these two teams will win the NFC East. The X-factor in this game is the suspension of Ezekiel Elliot and the health of Odell Beckham Jr. It came down late Tuesday night that Elliot will be able to play this week, despite his six game suspension and Beckham is still not a 100% going into this game. The Giants have a great rush defense, but they will give up one hole to Elliot, which will be the difference. The Giants need Beckham to be great in order to win games, the fact that his leg is still bothering him is a big deal. I will take the Cowboys and the points in this game.

Game 6- New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings (Line- Minnesota -3.5)

Vegas expects this game to be really bad, as they have not moved the line of the game much since it has opened. If Vegas does not move the line, that means go with the line. The Vikings and the Saints are going to really bad this season, neither team has a complete roster, but has flashes of good talent. The Saints offense against the Vikings defense will be the match up to watch in this game. I will take the Vikings and the points in this game, simply because they are at home and have a defense that can stop the Saints.

Game 7- Los Angeles Chargers at Denver Broncos (Line- Denver -3.5)

Bunch of games this week are going to be close based on the lines. The Broncos have a great defense that can disrupt any passing attack in football. The Chargers are still finding their personality and will make their debut as the LA Chargers. The Broncos pass rush will be too much for the Chargers offensive line, and Philip Rivers will not have much time to get rid of the game. The Broncos have a really bad offense, which is why they will not run away with this game. I will take the Broncos and the points in this game.

If you did not feel like reading the whole blog, then my against the spread picks were the Pats, the Jets, the Raiders, the Packers, the Cowboys, the Vikings, and the Broncos. Check back next week to see how bad I do on these picks.


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