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Countdown to Kickoff Day 12- Super Bowl Pick

The Football season is finally upon us!!

Well folks the NFL season is just a handful of hours away. At this time tomorrow we would have already had our first game of the season under the wraps and we will looking forward to the first Sunday of the season. Today is the perfect time to announce my Super Bowl pick of this season and put a bow on the Countdown to Kickoff special. Over the last few weeks I have been previewing every division in the NFL and also the the playoffs in the two conferences. The only thing left to preview is the big game and I am going to do that today. You will have to go back and read my blogs to find out who will win the two conferences and make it to the Super Bowl.

In case you are too lazy and not going to back and read my other previews, I have put the link of my two conference previews down below, in case you want to know the process behind my Super Bowl pick.

Representing the AFC in the Super Bowl- New England Patriots

Representing the NFC in the Super Bowl- Green Bay Packers

This years Super Bowl will be played in Minneapolis, MN under a dome, so weather will not play a role in the outcome of the game. The two teams, Pats and the Packers have won multiple Super Bowls and have the two best quarterbacks in the game right now. This will be the first time in a long time that we will have two Hall of Fame quarterbacks facing off for the biggest prize in the sport. The quarterback match up will be the big story going into this game and that will overshadow the other pieces on these two teams.

The Pats have really good offensive weapons that work perfectly in their system and there is a chance that injured wide receiver Julian Edelman, will be healthy and come back to play in their biggest game of the season. If the Pats are able to keep tight end Rob Gronkowski healthy throughout the season, then they will have an undefendable offense, but Gronk has not been able to stay healthy in the past few seasons. The Pats will come ready to play in the Super Bowl after winning the big game last season. If the Pats are able to win this Super Bowl, then they will tie the Steelers for most big game wins in NFL history. The Pats will have the greatest quarterback, coach, and franchise of all time if they win the big game this year. They will have to do so by beating another great offense in the Packers.

The Packers have an offense that is as good as the Pats if not better, so this game will be an offensive shootout and will come down to whoever has the ball last. The Packers do not have a bad defense, and might just need the defense to make one big stop and they will be able to win the big game. There have been questions about the greatness of Aaron Rodgers and the coaching ability of Mike McCarthy, both can silence their critics by winning the big game this year. The Packers have won four Super Bowls, by winning it all this year, they can tie the Pats among other teams with five big game wins.

As I said earlier, I expect this game to be an offensive shootout, similar to the one last season. In the Super Bowl last season, both offenses were playing great and different parts of the game and the defenses were able to get only one or two big stops in the whole game. Both teams have defenses that can make one big stop in crunch time and change the momentum of the game. I expect the Packers’ defense to force a turnover late in the game and give their offense a chance to win the game. Aaron Rodgers has proved time and time again that he has the ability to win the games in clutch situations, and he will do so once again on the biggest stage in sports.

I am picking the Packers to beat the Pats in the Super Bowl this season, and I know for a fact that this is not going to happen as the case with my baseball predictions. These teams are great and will make the playoffs, but I will be shocked if everything happens the way that I predicted in my previews. Well this is the end of the Countdown to Kickoff series, I had a great time writing them, hope you enjoyed them. The blog will definitely be football heavy during the next few seasons, and I hope you enjoy that as well.


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