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Countdown to Kickoff Day 11- AFC Playoffs

Only one more day left for the football season

There are less than 48 hours left in the NFL offseason and there are only two more previews to go in the Countdown to Kickoff. Today’s preview is of the AFC part of the playoffs and the Super Bowl pick will be coming tomorrow. In case you have not read my divisional previews, I have listed my AFC playoff picture below.


1 Seed AFC West winner- Oakland Raiders

2 Seed AFC East winner- New England Patriots

3 Seed AFC North winner- Pittsburgh Steelers

4 Seed AFC South winner- Houston Texans

Wild Card winners

5 Seed- Denver Broncos

6 Seed- Tennessee Titans

Wild Card Weekend-

  1. In the first game of the AFC playoffs, the Pittsburgh Steelers will play the Tennessee Titans in Pittsburgh. The Steelers have the most Super Bowls in NFL History and have a two time Super Bowl winning quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. The Titans will have a team that has made the playoffs for the first time in a while and they have an inexperienced roster that has not made the playoffs many time. I will pick the Steelers will win the game and go on to the next round of the Playoffs
  2. In the second game the Texans will be taking on the Broncos in Houston. This game is going to be really bad as most Texans playoff games are. The Texans have a defense that can dominate the average offense of the Broncos. I will pick JJ Watt and the Texans over the Broncos.

Divisional Weekend

  1. In the first game of the Divisional playoffs, the Raiders will play the Texans. The Raiders will be well rested for the Texans. The Raiders will go on to this game as a favorite and will go on to win the game. The Raiders are a more complete team than the Texans and that is the difference between the two teams.
  2. The second divisional playoff game will be the newest chapter in one of the best rivalries in football, the Patriots against the Steelers. The two teams faced each other in the AFC Championship game last year and they both return looking to go to the Super Bowl. The Patriots are a great team and will win this game. The Steelers are a really good team but will fall just a little bit short of returning to the Championship game.

Championship game

  • The Raiders will face the New England Patriots, who are the two best teams in football during the regualr season. The game will be the rematch of the “Tuck Rule” game that sparked the Patriots dynasty and the end of the Raiders great season. I think the same thing will happen this time and the Patriots will win the game and go on to the Super Bowl.

The Patriots will once again go to the Super Bowl as the AFC representative. The Pats will play the Packers in the Super Bowl and we will find out who the winner is on tomorrow’s preview.


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