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Countdown to Kickoff Day 10- NFC Playoffs

I am creating a fake storyline for my hypothetical that I created

Editor’s Note- In this set of previews, I will be looking at the two conferences and see who will make it to the Super Bowl

Folks there are only three days left till the NFL Regular seasons kicks off. I have already done my divisional previews for all eight divisions and predicted the winner for each division. Now all there is left to do is preview the Postseason and then the games start for real. My Playoffs preview has been split into three days, the first one is today with the NFC part of the postseason. The AFC part of the postseason and my Super Bowl pick will make the newsstands over the next two days. If you have not read my division previews yet, then you are definitely missing out, but you can go back and see what teams I think will make the postseason in the NFC.

My NFC Playoff Picture looks like this-

1 Seed- NFC East winner- Dallas Cowboys

2 Seed- NFC North winner- Green Bay Packers

3 Seed- NFC South winner- Tampa Bay Buccaneers

4 Seed- NFC West winner- Seattle Seahawks

Wild Cards:

5 Seed- New York Giants

6 Seed- Atlanta Falcons

Wild Card Weekend:

  1. During Wild Card weekend the Giants will travel to Tampa and the Falcons will go cross country to play the Seahawks. In the first game, the Giants will look to win a playoff game, which they failed to do so last season. The Bucs go into the playoffs as a team that is very inexperienced in the playoffs and that will show throughout the game. I think the Bucs secondary will not be able to shut down Odell Beckham Jr. for the whole game, who has shown that he only needs one play to change the whole game. The Bucs had a great season, but it will come to and end on the first weekend of the playoffs. For the Giants, they will beat the Bucs and travel west to play the Cowboys in the divisional round.
  2. In the second Wild Card game we will see the two teams that have lost the Super Bowl to the Patriots in the last few seasons. The Falcons have taken a step back and only made the playoffs as a Wild Card and want to prove that they are not a one shot wonder. The Seahawks have not been great in the postseason over the last two seasons, they will try to flip that script against the Falcons. There is just something about a playoff game in Seattle that can dismantle the opposition. I think that because this game is at Seattle, the Seahawks will prevail and go to the Frozen Tundra for their next game.

Divisional Weekend:

  1. In the first game the two divisional rivals, the Giants and the Cowboys will face each other for the third time this season. The game will be in Texas, giving the slight advantage to the Boys. The Giants will have to stop a great offense for a second week in a row after stopping the Bucs in the Wild Card game. The Cowboys will be rested for the Giants and the defense will be able to do enough to stop the Giants offense. The Cowboys offense will run all over the tired Giants defense and move on to the Championship game.
  2. The Packers and the Seahawks will face each other in a snowy Lambeau field. The Packers will be rested for the Hawks and will keep Aaron Rodger’s arm warm for the whole game. The Seahawks will have a hard time adjusting to the cold and that might be the difference in this game. The Packers will eventually score on the Seahawks defense and will be one win away from going to the Super Bowl.

Championship weekend-

  • The Cowboys and the Packers will face each other in Arlington, TX for a chance to go to the Super Bowl. Both teams have great offenses, so the defense will be key in this game. The game will be an offensive shootout and it might just come down to whoever has the ball last. I think the experience of Aaron Rodgers in big games will help the Packers in going to the Super Bowl and beating the Cowboys’ young offensive corps.

If you just scrolled down to the end, then you know that I am predicting the Packers to be the NFC representative in the Super Bowl. Who will they play? and Who will win the Super Bowl?. Well those questions will be answered in the next two days.


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