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Weekend Series Preview- Player’s Weekend!!

The Yankees are on the cusp of reeling me back in

This weekend for Major League Baseball was going to be a great one to promote their product. The MLB allowed all the players to chose the names to put on the back on their jersey for this weekend’s games, and they are going to call “Players’ weekend”. Part of this promotion idea, was extremely unique for Yankees fans, because it is a historical weekend for the Yankees. For the first time in over a 100 years, the Yankees will take the field tonight, with names on the back of their jerseys. Just having the names on the back of their jerseys is historical enough, but there is even more history around the Yankees, as it will be the first time in 100 years that the Yankees will not be wearing Pinstripes in the Bronx. The Pinstripes are a staple of the Yankee tradition and this weekend, they are breaking that tradition. The weekend would have been a great way to celebrate the young talent for the Yankees, but they are in the middle of a pennant race, so they need to be focused on winning the games. They take on the Seattle Mariners this weekend, who are chasing the Yankees for a Wild Card team, and the winner of this series can increase their playoff chances. This weekend series will have some leftover impact from this week, because of what happened last night in Detriot.

This brawl above was the first of three bench clearing brawls yesterday, and it is going to hurt the Yankees in the future. The Yankees are going to have many suspensions from the brawl, we just do not know who it is going to be yet. The Yankees have already announced their lineup for tonight’s game and there have been no suspensions as of right now. My guess is that Romine, Sanchez, Betances and possibly manager Joe Girardi will serve some suspension from this chaos. I do not expect long suspensions for anyone, but same is not going to be the case for the Tigers. The whole chaos started because Tiger’s pitcher, Michael Fulmer intentionally hit Gary Sanchez by a pitch. The hit-by-pitch was obviously a message to Sanchez, who had hit four home runs in the series, that things were going to get tougher for him. In the next few innings, Yankee pitcher Tommy Kahnle throw at a Tiger batter as retaliation for Sanchez and was immediately thrown out of the game along with Girardi and things looked like they had been settled.

In the sixth inning, after both teams had already hit each other once, Tiger’s Miguel Cabrera tried to stir the pot once again. He got into an argument with Yankee catcher Austin Romine, who took off his mask and the both started throwing punches and chaos began. The benches of both teams were cleared and there were many punches thrown in the brawl, one of the guys throwing the punches was Sanchez, who threw some cheap shots at Cabrera, when he was on the ground. Not only the benches clear, both bullpens led by Yankees’ David Robertson also ran on to the field to join the brawl, and the whole thing took some time to clear up. Cabrera and Romine were among the players thrown out after this brawl and the game continued in which the Yankees were trailing at the time. The following inning, the Yanks were able to use the momentum from the brawl to tie the game and looked like they had all the momentum in the game only for things to get more chaotic in the bottom half of the inning.

Dellin Betances has been known to have issues with controlling where his pitches end up, which has led to issues for the Yankees. Betances came in the 7th inning to protect a tie game and let a pitch get away, which ended up hitting the Tiger batter in the head. The benches cleared once again and more people were thrown out of the game. This time Betances was the player thrown out, but things got worst for the Yanks, as the Tigers scored three runs that inning to regain the lead. The Tigers had issues in their bench, as players were seen arguing with each other during the game. The Tigers, who are no way near a playoff spot, were able to have some great moments come out of this game. The Tigers hit Todd Frazier the next inning as retaliation for Betances and the benches cleared once again and even more people were ejected from the game. In the end, the Tigers ran away and beat the Yanks to salvage the last game of the series, in which the Yankees blew them out in the first two games.

Miguel Cabrera, is one of the best players of this generation, but he was in the wrong yesterday. He will serve a multiple game suspension for his actions as him trying to get in Romine’s face started the whole mess. Cabrera who has struggled this season, tried to use the brawl to turn his season around and get the fanbase behind him, but failed to do so. Cabrera was not the only culprit of the mess, many Yankee players were also responsible. Betances’ pitch did not look intentional, but it happened at the wrong time and this whole started by Fulmer throwing at Sanchez. The brawl and the impending suspensions took away the good week the Yanks were having before the brawl. The Yankees had score a bunch of runs on the Tigers and were fixing some issues in the process. Gary Sanchez has caught fire and carried the team by hitting monster home runs and Aaron Judge finally looked like he was out of his slump. The Yankees were on the right track, by using the fight as momentum, but they will be losing some of their players for important games coming up. No one knows when Major League Baseball is going to announce the suspensions, so the Yankees could be missing key players for important games down the home stretch of the regular season. Hopefully, the brawl united the team, especially the new pieces and the suspensions are not long for any Yankees players.

There were some good news coming for the Yankees as the brawl in Detriot was happening. Starlin Castro and Greg Bird hit back to back home runs in their rehab games and look almost ready to join the big club in the Bronx. Castro is going to return today and is in the lineup for tonight, and Bird could be here any day now. The Yankees will benefit from the additions of Castro and Bird, as they will make for the offense that is going to be lost in case anyone is suspended. The Yankees need to have a strong this weekend as they take on two first place teams after this weekend and can use some wins this weekend. It is almost crunch time for the Yankees and they need to prove that they belong in the postseason and not on the outside looking in.


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