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Countdown to Kickoff Day 1- NFC West

I have no idea what I am talking about, but people seem to enjoy it

Editor’s Note: Football season is right around the corner, over the next few days in the lead up of football season, the blog will be football heavy with various previews to get us set. The first set of previews will be a look at every team in the NFL based on divisions. This series of football previews will be called “Countdown to Kickoff”. This series will kick off with a look at the NFC West. Each Division preview will be a paragraph on each team and a prediction of records. If you are a gambler, pay close attention to the record, because you will get rich by fading my picks.

The NFC West used to be the best division in football, but now it is among the worst. There is going to be only team from this division, who you will find out in this blog, stay tuned. In each preview blog, I will start by talking about the teams in descending order in terms of the standings. The team that is first will finish last in the division and the team that is last will finish first in the division. Got it? Here we go, Countdown to Kickoff starts in 3…2….1…. (you can start reading the next paragraph now)

Finishing fourth in the NFC West will be the San Francisco 49ers.

The 49ers are going to be among the worst teams in all of football. The team has no real talent, as they are in the middle of a rebuild. The regime of GM John Lynch and Head Coach Kyle Shanahan is going to bring great success to the Bay area, but they are for sure a couple of years away. The Niners are currently in the process of completely tearing down their roster and then rebuilding from the ground up, they have many starters that would not even sniff a roster on other teams, which will lead them to a very bad season. The Niners are going to be tanking this season in order to get a better draft pick, which will help in their rebuilding process.

Predicted record for the 49ers- 1-15

Finishing third in the NFC West will be the Los Angeles Rams

The Rams are going into their second season in LA, and it seems like this season is going to mirror last season. The Rams are currently in a temporary home, as their new stadium is still in the process of being built. The Rams have a very young roster along with the youngest Head Coach in the NFL, who will need some time to get adjusted to the NFL pace. The Rams have all the pieces to win the division in the future, but they need some time to groom their players. Their quarterback is Jared Goff, who they traded a lot away for. I am not completely sold on Goff, he needs to use this season to grow and prove that he should be a perennial starter in the NFL. The Rams will win the division in the next few seasons, but that will not be this year.

Predicted record for the Rams- 5-11

Finishing second in the NFC West will be the Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals almost made the Super Bowl two years ago, but they have been going in the wrong direction since. They still have most of the players from that team, who are getting older and getting away from their prime. Their quarterback is still Carson Palmer, who is very old and way past its prime, and I do not think he will get the job done this season. The Cards should be rebuilding and retooling, but they look like they are going to try to contend this season, and that is not going to end well for them. The Cards have too much of an old roster to contend this season, which will lead them to have a mediocre season.

Predicted record for the Cardinals- 5-11

Finishing first in the NFC West will be the Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks are the only decent team in this division. The roster is among the best in football, and they have been perennial contenders for the past few seasons, and it will continue to do so this season. The Seahawks have retained majority of their roster from last season, which won the division last season. Their quarterback, Russell Wilson, is going to do just enough for the defense to win games. The Hawks have a soft schedule this season and they should be able to cruise to win the division very easily. Seahawks could be a contender for the Super Bowl, and they will be in the playoffs this season.

Predicted record for the the Seahawks- 12-4

That was the outlook for the NFC West, the Seahawks are going to run away with the division, let me know how you see this division playing out. The preview for tomorrow will be on the AFC West, so stay tuned.


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