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Yankees Series Preview- 8/18/2017

Things are heating up as the dog days of summer are coming to an end

Just when things seemed like going down the drain for the Yankees, the New York Mets came to the Bronx, and everything is right in the world again. The Yankees did not just sweep the Mets, they also ended their season, as the Mets played their last meaningful game of the season last night. The Yankees gotta chance to fix many of their issues against the lowly Mets, who refused to put up a fight in the Subway Series. The Yankees are in Boston this weekend for one of their biggest series of the season. If the Yankees are able to win this series, then things will get even better for them. They will go to Fenway Park tonight, with a four game deficit against the Sox, but they still control their own destiny. The Yankees see themselves as a World Series Contender, and winning this series will further boost their confidence for the rest of the season.

The Red Sox have finally figured out some of the holes on their team, they have been dominating rest of baseball for the past few weeks and look like the team that they were supposed to be all season. One of the biggest flaws for the Sox is their performance against the Yanks, aside from last weekend, they have not played great against the Bronx Bombers. Both the Sox and the Yanks have a chance to use this series as momentum for the rest of the season, and I would not be shocked if the winner of this series goes on to win the AL East.

There were many glaring issues with the Yankees before the start of the Subway Series, but most of them look like they have been solved against the Mets. First was the lack of offensive production from Aaron Judge, not only was he not hitting during his slump, but he was failing to put balls in play by striking out a lot. Though the strike outs continued in the subway series, Judge was able to hit two huge homeruns that either tied the game or gave the Yankees the lead. Judge’s slump has been a big part of the Yankees’ struggles in the second half of the season, if he has figured himself this week, then the Yankees will be set for the rest of the season. Another issue for the Yanks was the overall performance of Gary Sanchez, who was struggling offensively and also was not great behind the plate. Gary was great this series and did not make bad decisions behind the plate and helped the pitching staff.

The closer spot for the Yankees was another issue going into the series, Aroldis Chapman was simply not getting the job done in the ninth inning. After early hiccups in the series, the Yankees were able to close games out with David Robertson and Dellin Betances, while it seems like Chapman is hurt and needs some time off. The Yankees are among the league leaders in terms of games lost by one runs, blown saves have played a big role in the statistic. The bullpen is still a work in progress for the Bombers, but the amount of the talent there will help solve itself out. Luis Severino, who is the ace of the staff, really struggled in his last start, but he looked great last night against the Mets. Severino and Sonny Gray, who finally got his first win as a Yankee this week, are going to have to carry this team to the postseason, and both pitchers have the talent to do so.

The Yankees should treat this series as a must win, but I would be surprised if they do win the series. Though their holes look like they have been fixed, they still do not have everyone in sync like the Red Sox seem to have right now. The Red Sox have the best pitcher in baseball right now with Chris Sale, who is going to pitch this weekend. They only have to win one of the other two games that Sale is not going to pitch in, and I would bet on them doing so. This weekend is a benchmark series for both baseball clubs, and whoever rises on top can start booking its tickets for the Postseason.

It seems like everytime I tweet something positive about the Yankees, something bad happens right away. Starting today, I am only going to tweet bad things about the Yanks, hoping that good things happen to them. You should follow along and see how this plays itself out this weekend.


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