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Claiming that Eric Taylor was not a good football coach is an fireable offense

Do anything in your life, but do not bash Friday Night Lights

I had never seen an episode of Friday Night Lights before my colleague, and fan of the show, Luke Kerr-Dineen decided it would be a good idea for me to do an X’s and O’s breakdown of the biggest plays from the series.

But that is not what you are about to read. It was the original aim, but it didn’t take me long to realize that this would be less of a breakdown and more of a takedown (I promise I did not mean for that to rhyme) of Eric Taylor, who is undoubtedly the worst coach I have ever studied.–via For the Win

Friday Night Lights is by far my favorite TV show of all time, and someone claiming that one of the main characters of the show, are not good at their job is against all my values. Eric Taylor, is one of the best football coaches of all time fictional and real. In the article by For the Win, in which the author claims that he is a fan of Friday Night Lights, but hates Coach Taylor. In this blog I will pick apart his claims and he might actually might become a mortal enemy.

Coach Taylor has one of the toughest jobs in Texas, he is the head of a program that only cares about winning state titles. With boosters like Buddy Garrity and the school board coming at his neck, he manages to win the state title for the Dillon High School.

Coach Taylor played the father figure role in the lives of many of his players and he does a great job at making sure his players are doing good. Players like Matt Saracen and Vince Howard, who did not have their dads around all the time, Coach Taylor works with them to get them focused to win football games. Not only did Coach Taylor help Saracen and Howard, he also helped players that were focused on football, but could not get the job done at East Dillon High.

The Dillon Panthers led by Coach Taylor won the state title in the first season, despite losing their star quarterback in the first game of the season. Taylor worked with Smash Williams, Saracen and Tim Riggins to form an offense that was unbeatable. Williams and Riggins were great football players, but needed Taylor’s leadership to get in the zone and dominate the rest of Texas.

As soon as Taylor left Dillon, there were a bunch of issues with the team and they had to fire the new coach and pray to Taylor to come back. If he was such a bad football coach, then why would they want him back? When Taylor came back, the team recovered and made the playoffs, but apparently he is still a bad coach.

Taylor is among the winningest coach in Texas High School football history, but he still has his critics. Taylor won state titles and achieved more with a brand new team, then most coaches would have. Yes, he never changed his system, but he still led East Dillon to a state title in the second year of its existence. He coached players that were not football players, and led them to glory.



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