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New York Jets Training Camp Outlook

I am for sure not looking forward to a very bad fall for my football team

It is the most wonderful time of the year for fans of most teams in the National Football League, but that is not the case for the New York Football Jets. Football season is just around the corner, most teams have already reported to training camp and the first preseason game of the 2017-18 season will take place next weekend. In this blog, I will go through all the exciting parts of the Jets, which will get everyone pumped up for football season.

Well that is it, that space between the two paragraphs is the only exciting part of the Jet season. The Jets are fully embracing the rebuild and their plan to look ahead to the future and forgot about the present. The plan that the Jets are going to follow, is not that bad, but because they are the Jets, there is no way they are going to correctly execute their plan. In this blog, I will talk about my perfect plan that the Jets should follow, since they do in fact read this blog.

The first plan of the plan is obviously what they do at the quarterback position, the possibilities are endless with what they can do, however there is only one way this season can be looked at as a successful season for the quarterback position. The Jets currently have three quarterbacks that are trying to win the starting job, Josh McCown, Bryce Petty, and Christian Hackenberg. In order for this season to be a perfectly on the plan, one of the young kids should win the job outright in training camp and prove that they are the real deal. I do not think neither of the two kids are ready to dominate the preseason and win the job, so Josh McCown will most likely win the starting job out of camp, which is not the worst thing possible for the Jets. McCown is by far the most experienced player of the three, and I do not hate the idea of him starting the first few games of the season. The Jets have a lot of young receivers who can benefit from having a seasoned veteran in the huddle to start the season instead of a young buck who is second guessing every play he makes. The Jets will have one of the most inexperienced rosters in the NFL, so having a guy like Josh McCown being one of the leaders of the team, as camp ends and the season starts, might not be a bad thing. I said that starting McCown might not be a bad thing at first, but that can change very quickly. If he is the starter of the Jets for their Week 7 game against the Miami Dolphins, then I think the season will turn into a failure for the quarterback position and the team as a whole. The goal of the team this season is to develop and evaluate their young players to see who belongs in their long term plan for the future. If McCown is starting his seventh game of the season, that means that the young quarterbacks have shown no progress and there is a chance, McCown will start the whole season. In a perfect world, McCown starts four games for the Jets, then either Petty or Hack starts the games for remainder of the season, but I doubt anything this season will go to plan for the Jets.

Another integral part of the plan for the Jets is development of young players. The Jets got rid of many veterans on offense this past offseason and will be suiting up many players that do not have a lot of games under their belt. There are some players like Quincy Enunwa, Bilal Powell, and Robby Anderson who have shown sparks of being really good players in the NFL. This season should be used as a tool to develop this young stars and get them ready for the time that the Jets focus on the present instead of the future. These young stars will benefit from the veteran leadership of guys like Matt Forte and Josh McCown. If the young stars develop into potential stars, then this season will be considered a success on offense. The Jets have to feed the ball to this young stars, even if they fail, it will help them learn and get better.

Defense has been one of the strong suits for the Jets in the recent few seasons that they have been relevant, but there are some holes on the defense this year also, which makes it clear that this year will not be a good season for the Jets. Leonard Williams and Mohammad Wilkerson are the pillars of the defense and besides them there are many uncertainties. They drafted Jamal Adams in the draft, can he prove to be a great safety in the NFL or he will be another draft bust. Guys like Calvin Pryor, Sheldon Richardson, and Darron Lee need to be lights out this season or they will become part of the long list of first round draft busts for the Jets. The primary goal for the defense should be two develop guys like Williams, Lee, and Adams, with the leadership of veterans like Wilkerson and Buster Skrine. The defense might be the only good thing to come out of this season for the Jets.

The Jets are going to be so bad that their special teams is not going to matter this season, they recently claimed Lucky Whitehead from the Dallas Cowboys, who will be the primary Punt and Kick Returner on special teams. Hopefully, Lucky can bring some luck to the Jets and have great returns, which can place the offense in great field positions and jump start the offense.

If you follow the blog on social media, then you know that I love to declare teams dead and undead. I am officially very close to declaring the Jets dead for this season, but in case a miracle happens, then I might not declare them dead for this season. To find out, if I do declare them dead or not, you have to follow the blog on social media, which can do by clicking the two links below.

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