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The guy who calls himself, “The Thor” is obviously not a big fan of criticism

It was a calm Sunday morning and I was just laying on my couch and watching Jordan Spieth playing at the Open Championship (more on that coming later today). I was minding my own business and scrolling through Twitter just the way I usually do every morning. I saw a bunch of people follow, quote tweeting the same tweet by Noah Syndergaard.

For some reason every single time I would try to see this tweet, it would come up as “Content not available”, so I clicked on one of them and it said I was blocked from viewing the content. I clicked to see on Noah’s profile and little did I know, I was blocked by the guy that calls himself “The Thor”.


I have not tweeted at Noah in over two months, so it is surprising to see him to block me. I would be lying if I said if I did not expect the blocking, some would even say that I deserved him blocking me in the first place.

It all started, when Noah appeared on The Dan Patrick Show to promote one his sponsors and talk about the Mets.

During the above mentioned interview, he was asked about the mindset of New York baseball fans by the host Dan Patrick. Noah went on to say that, “New York is a Mets town now”. The DP Show is one of my favorite radio shows and I happened to be watching when he said that. He appeared on the DP show during the first week of this season and it seemed like the Mets had a better future than the Yankees, I even had them going to the World Series at that point, but that obviously blew up in my face. He was extremely right in saying that New York is in fact a Mets town, when they had made the postseason for the past two seasons and the Yankees were a fourth place team. However, as the season unfolded it was clear that New York is not a Mets town as the Mets had a bad start to the season and the Yankees were on pace to make the playoffs. During that rough start for the Mets, Noah got hurt and it started this great rivalry. For like two straight weeks in the middle of April, I would reply to every single one of Noah’s tweet saying, “Remember when you said that the New York was now a Mets town?”. I was being an internet troll, who was trying to get his name out there and gain some followers. Noah obviously saw my tweets and they rubbed him the wrong way and he went on to block me. I was fully expecting him to block me, but I forgotten about the whole thing until today. I am #done with Noah and he is now my mortal enemy, I would be lying if I will be rooting against him every chance I get. Noah if you are reading this, which I know you are, just know that I hate you and I think that you are the worst baseball player of all time. Maybe eat a little less dear venison and spend less time blocking people and more time getting healthy, you ugly Son of a female dog!!

Being blocked my famous athletes is another reason, why you should follow me on social media.

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