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Yankees are officially back!!!

A season that was considered a rebuild is not one after all

I cannot love this trade more. Todd Frazier is by far my favorite baseball player that has never played for the Yankees, so seeing him in Yankee pinstripes is a dream come through. The trade symbolizes that the Yankees are going for it this season, and the plan all along about them treating this season as a rebuild has changed.

The reaction on social media about this trade is that the Yankees are giving up too much to get this players, but I disagree. Todd Frazier is a rental and will be a free agent at the end of the season, so the prospects that directly got him are Tito Polo and Ian Clarkin. David Robertson, who is a former Yankee, is a big piece for the Yankees and Tyler Clippard was the major piece in landing him. Tommy Kahnle is the biggest piece of this trade that the Yankees are receiving and this piece costed them their No.3 prospect Blake Rutherford. The Yankees biggest issues are their bullpen and offensive output of first base, this trade will solve that issues.

Blake Rutherford seems like a future star in the major leagues, but he is three years away and the Yankees are currently stacked with outfielders throughout their system. He would have had a hard time making in to the big league team, so he was a prospect that was expandable. They used one of their expandable prospects, that was not coming to the majors for a couple of years, to solve a hole on their major league team. The other two prospects that are going to the White Sox are not great and are just place holders. I do not know much about the other two prospects, but seeing the reaction online, they are not top tier prospects.

If the Yankees had an average bullpen in the last month, they would be running away with the division. This deal will solve some the issues in the bullpen, which will instantly make them a better team. Tyler Clippard, who I have heavily criticized, is finally not on the Yankees, thus this deal is a big win for them. The Yankees are going to use the blueprint of the 2015 Kansas City Royals, who head a great bullpen and an average starting rotation. Adding the two bullpen pieces, just shortens the game for the Yankees and for sure signals that this season is a mus win in the mind of the front office.

The Yankees have had the worst numbers out of first base in the major leagues, this deal tried to solve that hole. Todd Frazier is not a great offensive player, but he is someone that pulls the ball and with the short fences at Yankee Stadium, he could be great. He will be platooning with Chase Headley at third base, he is not a bad at third base, so it will be interesting to see who is the primary third baseman. Frazier is from Jersey, playing for the Yankees has been his dream, so maybe coming home will help him relax and he will put up good numbers.

The trade deadline season is officially underway, so follow along on social media to get my instant reaction to rumors that might not be true thus not making it to the blog.

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