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What do you call someone that is a level above being the Greatest of all time?

In the wise words of a wanna be G.O.A.T. LeBron James, Roger Federer has won “Not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six” infact Roger surpassed LeBron’s claims and won his eight Wimbledon title on Sunday.

He defeated Marin Cilic in three sets and the result of the match was never in doubt. Cilic, who has defeated Roger in a major semi-final before, did not have enough in his tank to have a competitive final. There was a scary moment in the second set, when it looked like Cilic had a panic attack during a medical timeout and many including myself feared that he would not be able to continue in this match. The training staff at the All England lawn tennis club was able to give Cilic the treatment that was necessary to calm him down mentally and also the physical injuries that he was suffering at the time. Cilic was able to get enough strength back that he kept things interesting in the early stages of the third set, but was once again overmatched by the pure class of the now 19-time Grand Slam champion, Roger Federer.

This final ended what was a great fortnight for Roger and now he can look forward to the remaining of what is turning out to be one of his best campaigns. He has not publicly announced what his plans are in terms of playing tournaments in the lead up of the US Open later this summer. He has a chance to finish this year being ranked No.1, which will obviously play a role in what tourneys he chooses to play. I think he will play one of the two Masters tourneys, which will provide him enough points to become No.1 again.

With two of his biggest competitors possibly missing some time this season, Roger is set up for a great run. Both Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic are going through injuries right now and both have talked taking some major time off for the rest of the season. Roger Federer currently only trails only his biggest rival, Rafa Nadal, in terms of year end No.1, but the margin between the two is extremely slim. The two greats, who many counted out before the start of the season, not only have won all three majors thus far this year, but dominated the rest of the ATP field. The next closest player to them in the rankings is almost 3000 points behind them. The two rivals seem to be defying father time and are setting up what should be a great US Open Series in the lead up of the US Open through the rest of this summer. I think that Federer will end the year as No.1, but it will be extremely close between the two players .

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