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Yankees Series Preview-6/26/17

Panic Button is really closed to being pushed folks!!

It looks like the magic has finally run out for the Bronx Bombers. The Yankees magical season is running out of magic, which leads to a very big week for the Yankees. The Yankees dropped four of the six games in their home stand, they go to Chicago for a four game series before going to Houston.

The Pitching staff is finally catching up to the back of their baseball cards. Almost every starter has struggled in the last two weeks to get out of the sixth inning, which has led to the bullpen being exhausted. Tyler Clippard is currently among the worst pitchers in baseball and I would not be surprised if he is released from his contract this week. In the rotation Masahiro Tanaka finally had a great start on Friday night, he needs to put up a good start on Wednesday against the White Sox, to regain his confidence. Every one else in the rotation has struggled this past two weeks, they all need a great start this week to make sure there is a parade at the Canyon of Heroes at the end of this season.

The offense has not been bad during this rough stretch, they just have not had chances to win games because the rotation has not been great in the first few innings. The offense is the strength of this team and it needs to continue that way for the Yankees. Chris Carter was finally designated for assignment on Friday night and Tyler Austin was called up, leading us to believe that we will finally get some production out of first base for the Yankees. The offense is not the issue for this team, but it needs to put up a run in the first couple of innings to install some confidence into the starting pitcher.

It is almost blasphemous to call a series in June a must win, but if the Yankees do not figure things out in Chicago, then the panic button might have to pushed. Depsite their recent struggles they are still in first place, because the rest of the division has struggled also. If the Yankees had not gone through this rough stretch, they might have had a chance to run away with the division, but because the rest of the division stinks, time is running out for the Bombers. The Yankees NEED to win this series against the White Sox if they want to make the playoffs and I do think they will be able to win this week.

If you have followed along on social media, then you know about the death meter. Over time I declare each time in the dead, if they are declared, then they do not have a chance to win and not a threat to win the division. The Blue Jays and the Orioles have already been declared dead and the Rays are extremely close to being declared dead. Over the weekend I debated where I should put the Yankees on the death meter, they are currently extremely close to being declared dead, follow along on social media this week to see if any of the teams in the division are declared dead. Facebook and Twitter

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