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Sunday Stories Ep 5: Father’s day edition

Five best Father figures in real/fictional sports

Today is a great day for all the unsung heroes, it is Fathers Day. Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there and this blog is a gift to all the dads out there. In this blog, I will rank the five best dads in sports. Couple of the dads are more like father figures and are fictional, but they should be recognized on this special day. Without a further ado, here are my five best father figures in real/fictional sports, comment below if you think I missed any or ranked them incorrectly.

Number 5- John Kinsella (Field of Dreams)

Field of Dreams is probably the best father-son duos in sports movies if not movies in general. Most sports fans consider this their best sports movies and if you are not teary eyed at the end of the movie, then you do not have a pulse. John Kinsella is the father of Ray, who is the main character of the movie. Ray did not know much about John’s baseball career before John passed away, so he spends the whole movie trying to build a field where deceased baseball players will come. Ray builds the build hoping that John and Ray’s favorite baseball player, “Shoeless” Joe Jackson comes to field. Not only does “Shoeless” Joe come to the field, but he brings with them the entire Black Sox team and also one special guest. In the end, when Ray finally meets John in his baseball player form, it brings a tear in the eye of everyone. John Kinsella and Ray Kinsella are a great father-son duo, thus they are included in this ranking.

Number 4- Archie Manning

Archie Manning is the best dad in the biggest sport in the US, thus he has to be in this ranking. The odds of a football player being a successful NFL player are extremely slim, but this family has not one but three successful football players. Archie, who himself had a great NFL career and is looked at as one of the best in his era, is a great father. Archie’s sons Peyton and Eli Manning are among the two best quarterbacks in NFL history. Not only has Archie trained his kids to become once in a generation football players, he has also made sure to make the situations great for his kids. He made sure that both his sons ended up on teams that had a good structure and the kids had the best chance to win. Having two sons go on to have great careers in the NFL automatically puts you in this list.

Number 3- Richard Williams

When you are the father of two great tennis players, you end up on this list. Richard is credited to the success of Serena and Venus Williams and he was their coach growing up. He has been criticized at times for being too strict with his kids, but he belongs on this list. He has coached the two best tennis players since I have watched tennis and his fatherhood makes him belong on this list.

Number 2- Ken Griffey Sr.

If you hit back to back home runs with your son in Major League Baseball, the list opens up for you. Sr., as he is referred by sports fans absolutely belongs on this list, as he is the best real sports dad. His son Jr. had the highest rate while getting into the Hall of Fame, so not only did he a good MLB career, he played along his son who went on to have an Hall of Fame career. Sr. ends up as the best real sports dad on this list

And now drumroll for the number 1 father figure…..

Number 1- Eric Taylor (Friday Night Lights)

This might be a little debatable because Coach Taylor is not on this list for parenting his own kid, but instead for being a great coach. He acted as the father figure to not only Matt Saracen and Vince Howard but also helped out of all of his players in different ways throughout the five seasons of the show. As I have said before on the blog, I absolutely love Friday Night Lights, and Coach Taylor is a big reason why. If Coach Taylor told me to run through a brick wall, I would probably do it. Coach Taylor was a terrible father to his own kid, Julie, but he was a really good father figure. Coach Taylor ends up being number 1 on this father’s day special list.

Well that does it, Coach Taylor has been crowned the best father figure in real/fictional sports. I want to wish all the dads out there a great fathers day and as a gift to their kids they should follow along on social media for a huge announcement later this week. Facebook and Twitter.


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