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NBA Playoffs Review

The NBA flat out stinks

The NBA Finals on Monday night and it seems like not many care about it. The Golden State Warriors were once again crowned champions of the National Basketball Association. The Warriors flat out embarrassed the Cleveland Cavaliers in a quick five game series. As the confetti fell at the Oracle Arena, the nation’s most boring phase was over.

The NBA season was pretty much decided last summer when Kevin Durant decided to join the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors were the favorites to be the Western Conference representative in the NBA Finals and of course they ended up cruising to the Finals. The Eastern Conference representative was also never in doubt as it was the Cleveland Cavaliers for the third straight year. The valiant efforts of the New York Knicks, who of course are the best superteam in NBA history, were not able to be showcased on the highest stage.

It is never good when everyone has the same prediction and it comes true. The NBA is non competitive and I would be shocked if there is not a fourth round of this battle next season. The NBA playoffs were so boring this season, but despite that this year’s NBA Finals were the most watched series since 1998. Whatever I am complaining about is obviously wrong since the NBA is printing money.

The NBA stinks and it needs to make sure that there is some competition next season. I got some ideas, like I don’t know maybe making sure that the biggest TV market in the country has a good team. I am an extremely selfish person and hope the NBA is rigged in favor of the Knicks.

Anyway congrats to the Warriors on another championship, really hope I am celebrating one next year(never going to happen obviously)

This is probably going to be the last blog about the NBA for a while, so follow along on social media for my reaction on NBA, in case something significant breaks in the NBA.

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