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Mets Vs Rangers in the World Series might not be happening

The Avi Mehta Curse has come around to bite some more people again

This is a disclaimer before I start writing this blog, I am terrible at predictions and if you believe any of my predictions than you are a clown.

I wrote a blog a couple of months ago, which predicted the MLB season, I predicted the New York Mets and the Texas Rangers would face each other in the World Series. We are two months into the 2017 MLB season and it looks like my prediction might be slightly incorrect. The two teams played last night, so it seemed like a good time to reevaluate. The World Series match up is only one of the many things I got wrong, in this blog, I will look at the things I got wrong and make some new predictions that it will eventually be wrong.

The playoff teams that I predicted in my preview blogs were as follows:

  1. American League- Cleveland Indians, Rangers, Boston Red Sox, Houston Astros (Wild Card), Toronto Blue Jays (Wild Card)
  2. National League- Chicago Cubs, Mets, San Francisco Giants, Washington Nationals (Wild Card), LA Dodgers (Wild Card)

I will go through each team and make a new prediction for each team and then make a new World Series prediction

  • Indians- I thought the Indians were going to be the best team in the AL, they are currently a couple of games out of first place and also the Wild Card. Though they might not run away with the division, I do think they will win the division and make the postseason.
  • Rangers- The Rangers are not going to the postseason, simply because there is a better team in their division and they do not have the talent to stay in the Wild Card race.
  • Red Sox- The Red Sox has wildly under achieved this season and they are still right in the middle of the AL East division race and I do think they will make the playoffs with either a Wild Card or winning the division
  • Astros- The Astros are the best team in baseball and they are going to run away with the West division and they are the front runners to be in the World Series.
  • Blue Jays- The Blue Jays had many injuries to start the season, which led them into a very poor record. They have recovered since their poor start but I do not think they will make the postseason and might finish either fourth or fifth in the AL East.


  • Cubs- The Cubs are currently tied for first in their division, and they are too talented to not make the postseason. The Cubs will make the postseason as a division winner but might not have the best record in the NL Central
  • Mets- The Mets are plagued with injuries and they are the biggest disappointment this season. Many of their stars are not going to return to their form this season and I would be very surprised if they come close to a postseason spot this season.
  • Giants- The Giants are another team that is plagued with injuries. They are missing their best pitcher in Baumgarner and the rest of the team is not performing as they should in order to make the postseason. They will be on the outside looking in when the postseason starts later this season.
  • Nationals- The Nationals are running away with the division and are the front runner to be the National League representative in the Fall Classic this season.
  • Dodgers- The Dodgers continue to be a good team and they are in a deadlock in the division race with two other teams, I think they will make the playoffs with either the Wild Card or the division

Teams that were on the outside initially but will make the postseason-

  • Yankees- The Yanks are the biggest positive surprise of the season and Aaron Judge, who is a MVP candidate who will lead them to the postseason with either the Wild Card or the division
  • Orioles- The AL East is going to produce three different postseason teams and their offense will lead them to the postseason
  • Rockies- The offense and the altitude of Denver will lead the Rockies into the postseason as a wild card team. They have one of the best offenses in baseball.
  • DBacks- The NL West will also have three playoff teams with the Arizona Diamondbacks winning the second wild card.

Alternate World Series Astros vs Nationals

  • They have been the best two teams thus far and I cannot wait until they both slump now that I have put the spotlight on them.

I will do another blog on how my predictions are doing in the future but following along on social media in the present.

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