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Roger Federer skips Clay Court season

Minor setback for a major comeback

Roger to skip Roland Garros; will focus on the grass & hardcourt season –via Roger Federer

It is rare to see everyone in sports agree on someone playing around the rules, but we have that case today. Roger Federer is making this move simply to keep his ranking in tact and not be discouraged by not winning in Paris. Roger Federer had a great start to this season, he jumped from outside of the Top-15 to inside the Top-5 of the ATP. Rafael Nadal who is also having a great start to this season, has steam rolled through everyone during the early stages of the clay court season. Nadal is the clear favorite to win the French Open, and Federer might have been up there. Federer has always struggled on clay and this move makes sense. If he had played in the clay court season he would have not done as great as he is on other surfaces. In this late stage of his career he should focus on putting himself in the best situation to win majors. He is being self aware and knows that he was not going in Paris and might injure himself again. He will start playing on grass courts earlier than usual which makes him clear favorite to win the remaining two majors of the season.

Though ethically what Federer did was not great but no one blames himself for doing what he is doing. The business of Tennis takes a big dip in the ratings because the story line of the Great Rivalries in mankind has been dissolved. I will be watching the French Open even though everyone knows who is going to win the tourney this year. Follow along on social media for my instant reactions on the tournament. Facebook and Twitter

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