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Sunday Stories Ep. 4

Preview of the second round of the NBA Playoffs

The first round of the NBA playoffs ended just a couple of hours ago with the Utah Jazz beating the Los Angeles Clippers in Game 7. Because the NBA is weird, the second round of the NBA playoffs has already begun with the Boston Celtics beating the Washington Wizards earlier today. I should have probably done the preview blog before the first game, but if you recall from last week’s Sunday Stories (which had a total viewership of 0 people whose name is not Avi Mehta) nobody is actually going to read this blog, so it does not matter when I blog about the NBA. I will put the four matchups in this round of the NBA playoffs into the three categories that I debuted in my preview of the first round of the NBA playoffs (which also had a great viewership of 0 people). Since no one read that blog, I will reintroduce the categories, but let’s be honest no one is going to read this blog also. There are four total match ups in this round, and they will be put into three categories which are explained below. If you are reading this blog click on the hyperlink so I know that people still come to this site. If no one clicks that link by next Sunday, then I might just delete this website and stop blogging.

Categories explained

  1. TV only- These are the matchups that I will watch with my full attention. I will not be on other devices simultaneously to distract myself from the game. These are must watch and the best basketball is played in these matchups
  2. TV and other devices- I will have these matchups on the TV, but will be doing other work on other devices simultaneously. One of the teams in this category might win the whole thing, but it is not must watch. These matchups are good enough to be going in the background while you are distracted.
  3. Wait that was today? These are the matchups that I do not care one iota about. There are a couple of teams that might win in the end, but their first round matchup does not move the needle for me. –Via A recent blog

Hopefully someone will click that link and I can continue to be a blogger. Until then, here are the match ups for the second round of the NBA playoffs and what I think about them.

EAST: 1 seed Boston Celtics vs 4 seed Washington Wizards

  • The first game of this series already happened earlier today, and it made my choice a lot my easier. This series will go six or seven games, and despite Boston winning game 1, both teams can still win this series. Both teams are evenly matched, and this series features many stars. Isaiah Thomas and John Wall are superstars and for sure needle movers. This series is without a doubt a TV only series. Game 1 was extremely exciting and it was back and forth, I expect this trend to continue for the remainder of this series.

EAST: 2 seed Cleveland Cavaliers vs 3 seed Toronto Raptors

  • This series has stars on both teams, but we all know how it is going to end. As much as I hate LeBron James, there is no way the Cavs are losing this series. The Raptors had a tough time getting through last series against the Milwaukee Bucks, I just think they might be out of gas. I would be very surprised if this series goes beyond Game 5. This series is categorized as TV and other devices. Though the series will most likely be one sided, there are going to be moments, when the Raptors might have chances to make some noise.

WEST: 1 seed Golden State Warriors vs 5 seed Utah Jazz

  • The Warriors rested their coach and of their best players and still won comfortably in the first round. The Warriors are better than the Jazz at every position. If that was not enough, the Warriors had an easy 4 game series in the first round and are well rested, the Jazz on the other hand had to go through a tough 7 game battle in the first round. There is no way this is not going to be another sweep for the Warriors. This series is obviously categorized as Wait that was today? The Jazz have overachieved this season and will build on this year to become a better team next season.

WEST: 2 Seed San Antonio Spurs vs 3 seed Houston Rockets

  • This series is going to be a great one, the two teams will battle it out for a chance to play the Warriors. This series is going to be a classic 7 game series, that will be among the great series of all time. The Spurs have the perfect answer in Kawhi Leonard to everything that James Harden of the Rockets can do. This series is TV only. Every game in this series is going to be must watch and this series will for sure go the distance.


  1. TV Only- Boston vs Washington and San Antonio vs Houston
  2. TV and other devices- Cleveland vs Toronto
  3. Wait that was today- Golden State vs Utah

That was a brief preview of each series in the second round of the NBA playoffs. I will have to come up with something different for the next round, I am sure no one will read it either. If you are someone that are still reading this, reach out on social media for a shout out. Facebook and Twitter


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