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Rangers-Senators Series Preview

America’s team once again

The Rangers had a hard fought six game series against the Montreal Canadiens. Their speed and goal tending helped them get over the hump. In this round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, they will be taking on the Ottawa Senators, which means they will once again be America’s team. This series should not be that difficult for the Blueshirts as they matchup great against the Senators. Rangers had a better record then the Sens in the regular season, the matchups between the two team were also good for the Rangers.

Erik Karlsson of the Senators might be the best player in the series, but there are multiple reports that he might be injured. The Rangers need to capitalize on this injury and without Karlsson the Senators are huge underdogs. Henrik Lundqvist might have to stand on his head once again, but it will only be for 5 or 6 games. The Rangers will win this series in 5 or 6 games and should have not any difficulties doing it. The Rangers need to get through this series untouched for the conference finals. The winner of this series will take on the Penguins or the Capitals in the next round. Both teams will be extremely difficult for the Rangers so they need to win this series comfortably. Only twelve more wins before we can all go to the Rangers Parade.

The Rangers might not be my favorite sports team but I love them, be sure to follow along on social media as I will for sure live tweet every game this series. Facebook and Twitter

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