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Bristol, CT is burning

Maybe they are no longer the Worldwide Leader in Sports

Awful News coming out of Bristol today. No one deserves to be fired unceremoniously, and in this case no one that is going to be fired is at fault. The Executives at ESPN who should be the ones being fired today are not even going to be touched according to multiple reports. The Execs are at fault for the current situation at ESPN because many of them do not know how to run the company. ESPN is tied up in many long term contracts with different sports leagues, but the industry is changing rapidly. The Cable subscribers which is their main source of income, are dropping rapidly. Sports Fans much (including myself) prefer watching sporting events on mobile devices or they do not watch the event and consume it through highlights. ESPN was late to party to realizing that the cord cutting is the new trend in sports media. ESPN signed long term deals more billions of dollars with sporting leagues before the cord cutters and they are now paying for it. The Execs have panicked because it is too late and making minor changes for a massive problem.

As someone whose lifelong dream has been to work in some fashion for ESPN, today was a sad day. The people getting laid off today are extremely talented and are paying for the stupid mistakes of their bosses. I know for a fact that all the talented people will be able to get back on their feet, I just hope it is as quick as possible.

On a lighter note- The above information is very sad, but if any one of the people that were laid off today, we are hiring. If you need some writing work in between jobs, feel free to reach out to the new Worldwide Leader In Sports, Mehtaphors. Facebook and Twitter

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