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Sunday Stories Ep. 3

Sundays are going to be different in the fall

I meant to do this blog a couple of weeks ago when the news first broke. No one reads the posts on this blog so it does not really matter anyway. In case someone does read this blog I will continue it. If you have not heard, Tony Romo the star quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys has retired. Being one of the most polarized athlete in the past decade, he was immediately hired to be a broadcaster. He will be the lead analyst for CBS this upcoming football season. He will be replacing Phil Simms, who had the job for the past few years. Simms, who was heavily criticized on social media during the games he was broadcasting for being too bland, should not have been shown the door this way. I do think CBS made the right move by replacing Simms, but there are many more qualified broadcasting that are not named Tony Romo.

Since Romo is so famous and everyone has something to say about him, so CBS is using him to get some TV Ratings. The NFL ratings were down last season, and the networks are trying their best to increase them again this year. I think Romo will be a decent broadcaster, but certainly not someone that will be a must watch. It seems like every quarterback of the Cowboys gets a nice TV gig after the end of their careers, it will be interesting to see how Romo turns out. Tony Romo got the job for his look and not really for his on air talent. I think that Romo was a unique case and other immediately retired NFL players will be put into such high exposure situations right after the end of their careers.

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