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Weekend Series Preview- Yankees-Pirates

I warned you, Do Not Let The Yankees Get Hot

The Yankees are going west to face the Pittsburgh Pirates this weekend. The Yankees are one of the hottest team in baseball right now and it does not look like they will be cooling down any time soon. The Pirates are off to a good start as well but may have lost their best player in Starling Marte. Marte is suspended for taking performance enhancing drugs. The Yankees ended their first home stand of the season, losing only one game. The starting pitching is among the best in baseball. They have their best three pitchers aligned for this weekend. Sabathia, Pineda, and Montgomery have been dominant this season and I do not expect that to stop. The Yankees will be the favorites in all three games and I will not be surprised if they win all three games this weekend. The Yankees need to use this part of their schedule to build a cushion for the eventual rough patch they will have at some point this season. The Yankees will go to Boston next week, to take on the Red Sox, who also have some injuries. It is way too early in the season to even look at the standings, but the Yankees should. They have to step on the throats of the Pirates and the Red Sox, if they want to make the postseason this season. This series could go either way with the good momentum of both teams, but I will be surprised if they do not win at least 1 game this series.

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